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Nails Done, Hair Done

I'm going on holiday to Madrid in two days ahhhhh!!!! I am so excited but also quite stressed as there seem to be a million little things to do and I have to go from Birmingham, so I have to do everything in advance. Hmmm. My solution recently though is to pack lightly on purpose, as if you try to pack a 'normal' amount, it will always feel like you have forgot something. At least if you pack lightly, you know you will only be dealing with a little load! I have eight dresses for 3 and a half nights though, oops.

So in prep, I got my favourite EVER polish put on, which could well be the last time I have gel nails for a while. My nails are so weak and thin underneath, they definitely need a break finally! I might get my gels off for a few weeks and obsessively apply coats of strengthening polish and oils. The polish is W7 Fluorescent Pink 2 (the 2 is very important) and it's a half fluro coral, half hot pink which is impossible to photograph! This is almost the right colour.

Then I've been curling my hair lots recently as I had a silly brain wave when I was fed up of my hair being flat on the top. No amount of backcombing would solve the problem but then I realised why don't I make sure the top section has curl to it so it naturally doesn't lie flat anyway... duh! Also curls seem to make your hair look longer too!

I just got a new Denman brush in the epic Boots 3 for 2 deals on right now so that should spruce up my blow dry as I've had my usual two brushes for years now, even though I do clean them (just wash them in a bowl of soapy water!). Then I really want the ghd air hairdryer and Peacock Collection styler with the purple plates -  I love Katy Perry!! Anything mermaid related and I'm in. In fact anything celebrity related and I'm in; I still haven't had the guts to wear Viva Glam Nicki!

This is the colour of my hair right now as I'm still topping up with the £1.29 (previously 99p!?!) Superdrug dyes that are only meant to last for a few washes, so I use a small bit with most washes. I thought for a time they were being discontinued (oh the horror!) but they've just improved the packaging and er, upped the price. No worries though, these babies are my saviour!

Now I must go and write more lists and most likely forget everything ahh! Now where is my passport...

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