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Decoden, iPhones and Gel Nail Dangers

Hi guys! I hope you're having a nice weekend so far! I've had the best one in a while not counting when I've visited home. Yesterday I got my eyebrows and nails done and ran a few errands, picking up a few essential but fun things (face wash, face wipes, etc) and buying some nice food. Then my housemate and friends and I were gossiping over drinks last night and today I've been doing lots of 'net stuff and eating good food! Over the past few months, my eating habits have gone down the drain as I have no appetite if I'm stressed/sad/anxious for any reason, and I'm generally one of those most of the time! Feeling good though and things are looking up fingers crossed!

I've also been throwing some things on Instagram (I am @selinajelibaby) as I do have an iPhone for work but mostly use it for my work emails or Motel's Instagram! Sometimes you'll see shots from the designers or the photographer/stylist too so I hope you have followed @motelrocks! I've got a couple of cases, mostly using this one from Iconemesis that I couldn't resist! I love Gemma Correll's quirky designs and blogs, and a constant cat party is a very, very good thing.

If I'm in a snazzy mood (haha!) I will use this crazy case from eBay (just type in 'decoden' for lots - and look out for UK based sellers!). I got it from Hong Kong and when it arrived it smelled SO bad and made your hands smell too! But after a few months of sitting in my room, it has lost the stench so now I can unleash the prettiness. It's not exactly practical as I always use another case to cover the screen and with this on, it doesn't fit. Best case ever though!

I got my nails done in a China Glaze polish yesterday at the salon as I forgot to bring my own; I was going to get pastel blue Blue Lagoon by Revlon put on. I'm not sure of the colour (it could be a fake) but I had it ages ago when I first moved to where I live in Brizzle now and visited the same salon. It's a fluro pink but more neutral than blue toned so it makes your skin tone look good.

I've been considering having a gel nails break for a while though as my nails are terrriiiibbbble underneath! They are so thin all over and when the nail artist uses the buffing drill over them, it really hurts! I've looked into it a bit and since having a few health problems recently (I'm off the crutches now) I'm a bit wary of all the chemicals they use at the salons, and having them permanently on your hands. It seems there's dangers in the application of what is being put on, and also the fact that fake nails mean you're more susceptible to bacteria and infection getting caught under your nail. Eeek!

At the salon (I go to cheapie Asian ones) they often use the same brushes, same boxes of powder, same polishes and same files on everyone and I've never seen any be washed during the day time. Often the nail artists wear masks and I've seen huge, industrial sized crates of acrylic and gel powders being poured into the little pots, which makes you wonder what the heck is it all actually made of and if it's regulated. Also my 'gels' aren't actually gel nails as they're just a layer of gel over an acrylic tip, so I'm basically getting acrylics! I've had gels for around one and a half years straight now so I think I'll have my set taken off totally and try to grow my own nails for a while. I could wear fake, stick on nails for some occasions or maybe get gels one in a while, but I really don't need them constantly if I'm not doing as much nail art anymore. Ahh such a shame, gel nails are SO PERFECT. Polish on gels NEVER chips EVER. Seriously, my polish hasn't ever chipped with gels in all this time.

If you are going to go for fake nails, here are some tips:

Get gel rather than acrylic, and make sure it's real gel. I don't do this as I've only just found out, but true gel nails should be non-toxic and non-porous so they can't be soaked off, only filed off. If you go to a cheapie, high-street salon, you will most likely get the gel layered over an acrylic tip that will later be soaked off in a bowl of hot acetone (terrible!). Splash out and get Shellac or go to a nail bar like Nails Inc.

If you can, avoid drills on your natural nails! Drills get great effects but really put your nails through trauma.

Take your own nail polish, and even clippers/nail file/trimmer etc if possible.

Don't put your hands under a UV lamp (one with blue lights) as it's essentially a sun bed for your hands (skin cancer alert!). However I think true gel nails have to be set under UV, but I need to research that more.

If using salon polishes, use a brand of nail polish you recognise (though be aware they may be fakes).

Go to a larger, airy salon.

Wash your hands in between the soaking-off of old gels, filing, application and painting. The salons will always have a sink and you'll probably be asked to wash your hands at one point anyway.

Don't get loads of infils - replace gels where possible. One of my nails is wonky now instead of having a straight white line of nail tip as I caught my nail once, and when they grown really long you will often end up catching your fake nail by accident and pulling up your real nail - SO PAINFUL!!

Get fairly short nails and ask for them rounded rather than square for the reasons above!

I've been in salons that will offer you Chinese or American gel - I'd go with the American products!

Don't be afraid to ask for these things - I think nail artists must be used to it as the most demanding customers seem to be in salons, especially cheaper ones! I've seen people *demand* all sorts of things rudely and saying something is not right/not tidy enough really abruptly, and treating the nail artists like they are stupid. As long as you request something politely, you have every right to ask.

Clean under your nails regularly with a nail brush, and don't use your nails to pick your skin/rub your eyes/etc as you're just getting bacteria in there and spreading germs!

I might be back soon with more knowledge, which is kind of sad as getting my nails done is one of my favourite things :( I used to bite my nails so I'm sure if I have them off, I'll just have horrible bitten nails again! SOB!

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