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    10th. Cute tights

Oh guys, don't think I forgot the day of the challenge I missed out! I was hoping to get a photo to demonstrate my point but I felt a bit weird taking a photo of my legs so here is a bonus photo of me before I got trashed by a foam party! I would like to let you into the secret of all your fake tan disasters, all your impromptu nights out, and all your shaving horrors. Fed up of wearing black tights? Wear skin coloured tights!!

OK you may be thinking this is ridiculous but for years I would never consider wearing skin colour tights. The thought of shiny, dancer tights put me off, but recently I have been buying light support tights from Boots in a nice tanned colour and it is a whole new world! They are matte, look completely natural, and are light enough to even wear on hot, sunny days. Before I would spend time sorting out any shaving bumps, tanning streaks, bruises and bumps before I wore a skirt or dress, but now I throw on a pair of tights and I'm good to go in 20 seconds. Seriously, buy a pack of matte skin coloured tights and you will be less one wardrobe drama worth missing the bus over! I also wear them on nights out and don't have to worry about dark knees of short dresses as they make you feel somewho 'complete'.

And with that my friends, the challenge is OVER! I cannot believe I have done 31 posts in 31 days and my blog is bursting with content! It's nice to knock off some old posts from last year off the first few pages as, as you know, things weren't great for me a few months back and now *fingers crossed* I feel like I'm beginning to get back to something near my old self.

I won't be online for a few days as I am of course heading home for the bank holiday and cannot wait! I'm spending a few days at home and at my Mom's new house and will hopefully see my sister and brothers too in their new house, which is really strange! We're all a bit all over the place now and being all the way over in little Bristol is sometimes quite rubbish. Also I think I will be out with my friends and I still seem to have nothing to wear! Oh the conundrums of not wanting to wear something out with the same people twice.

Then I'm off to London on Tuesday with some Motel girls and student ambassadors! I'm so excited for the Jubilee and we will be at Buckingham Palace wearing Union Jack dresses!! It's really cool to be part of a once in a lifetime event and I hope it all goes smoothly. I heard Harrods is playing God Save The Queen on the hour, ever hour this week haha! I might have to pop in and get the Union Jack Alexander McQueen clutch to go with my outfit! It might be more like us freezing in mini dresses in the rain, but I think it will be super fun! 

Have an amazing weekend everyone, and thank you for following my challenge and sticking with my blog - in the middle of the challenge I reached 1,000 blog posts! Yipeeee!! xx


    31st. The thing you're obsessed with at the moment!

I actually bought a roll neck sleeveless top for around £8 in Forever21 a few weeks ago and loooove it! I was after one for a while and when it was right in front of me in store, I had to snap it up even if it is a Large. It fits fine but now I want a form fitting one - they are so flattering! Cropped ones are great with anything high waisted, which is basically everything that I own! 

I was pondering the American Apparel stripy versions but they come in at a steep £23 - until I found the ASOS versions at a tiny £8! I really like the dark red colour which could be amazing with a dark berry lip, so I'm going to hold tight and hope they have a bank holiday discount deal on - retailers ALWAYS do something over an event or payday *hint hint*.



    30th. Pretty hair

I haven't had a haircut in a long time and now it seems like another expense that I didn't plan in for this month. You know when you plan on spending nothing on anything yet things creep up and you do anyway? Well I'm trying to eliminate any unnecessary purchase as I still will end up going out at night and eating out etc, and I think I'll wait just a little longer for a haircut. My hair is finally, officially long in my eyes, as my hair always feels much shorter than it is in reality and I've always had it loooong! This Leo definitely needs a mane to swish around and if my hair looks bad, I feel bad! Nothing worse than frizzy bits at the front or a kink at the root. 

Last night I was craving a brighter red and by 8pm tonight, I had dyed it just that!! I used Garnier Nutrisse 6.60 Fiery Red, which seemed the most conditioning/kind permanent colour that was a true red, without any purple tones. I bought two boxes as they were two for £8 and went with the brighter one, thinking I could always dye over it if it really did feel too bright! As my hair is already ginger, I will always have copper tones showing through so reds never really fade on me. The dye I had at the salon in October is still there! I can't tell the true colour until the morning and it felt like a lot of my hair was falling out in the shower but so far, so good. YOLO!

As for pretty hair, I love long hair when it's curled and every time I've been out at night recently, I've done mine very curly. I spent the past few years trying to get volume in my hair at the roots, but realised recently that to get movement and lift at your head, you might as well curl your hair at the top there, which automatically creates texture and life! Now it seems so silly that I tried to lift the straight bits at the top of my hair, as something straight is never really going to see that volumised. Girls I urge you to try curling from the root and step back to admire your thick, full looking hair from root to tip! I use a Remmington conical wand which does the job fine. Here is curls galore from my Tumblr:



    29th. Face of the day

This is a bit of a weird challenge as I am not usually one to take many photos of myself, although I am trying to change this as I really want to make my blog a true representation of myself again, and not just the things around me. I have a standard set of daily makeup products and then usually change up my blushers or lipsticks depending on what I'm wearing or how I feel. Today I wore:

Base: MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC20 mixed with Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect in 74 Beige, Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Medium, 17 Blush/Bronzer in Brickie and 17 Blush in Damson Wine

I'm running low on Fix Fluid and I'm trying to scrimp in all areas at the moment to save for fun. I just pulled out a foundation in the nearest shade and mixed so I used less of the MAC foundation, which turned out OK enough but not too amazing. Also Brickie is a great contour/bronzer colour for the very fair as it's more of a taupe blush, and it's cheap.

Eyes: MAC Orb, Kid, Swiss Chocolate and Mythology Eye Shadows, Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Liner, L'oreal Million Lashes Mascara

I use very warm toned/reddish shadows to make my eyes more blue and usually a bit of Swiss Chocolate in my brows too. All these eye shadows were used on me in makeovers at MAC over time - I would never just buy a shadow as I never know what suits me! My favourite mascara is so dried out now but I don't want to spend £10 on a new one so bought the Glamour issue today with a free Benefit Bad Gal mascara. I've tried it before and wasn't too fussed but it's not bad for £2.

Lips: MAC Creme D' Nude

A classic, pale nude to make your lips fuller! 



    28th. Something everyone has now

Everyoneee has creepers now who I think would ever want creepers, which is pretty crazy considering it's the sort of shoe that this time last year might have been considered the grossest thing ever. I love mine and have been holding them back these past weeks as it has just been too hot to wear them. Now that the heat wave seems to be sadly ending, I can bring them back out with my Riding Pants, skater skirts and new Motel Palm Print Jeans (yes I caved and got them when they came back into stock!). Since Chanel even showed flatforms in their Resort show, I think they will be around to stay. I'm slowly having a little wardrobe clear out and guess I can always sell my creeps' if I get bored of them. For now, the novelty hasn't worn off.

I also debuted the highly popular H&M neon gem necklace yesterday, which I think works great with the bright blue in the Big Daisy print. Isn't it funny how the way to wear a bright neon colour is to clash it with another bright neon colour!


    27th. Inspired by your style icon

This post had put me in a reeeally drastic mood guys! Drastic like I need to do something totally new as I am very bored of my hair and general life! I don't really have a style icon as I just love browsing blog and tumblrs, but two girls who I would totally trade bodies with at the moment are Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato, mostly for hair envy!! When I dyed my hair a bright red a while ago at the salon, it wasn't very long, and now my hair is as long as I want it but the dye has faded. It's still tinted but it's not bright and fiery and pow! I do have my whole life to have the same hair colour so I don't mind dying it sometimes now, and I think I might pick up a bright red dye tomorrow... hmmm! I would only go semi permanent though so if you know any good dyes that I can get in Boots or Superdrug, please let me know! Not Manic Panic/Directions types as I found they didn't last very long at all.

I love Ariana's hair because it sometimes looks quite pink, and sadly that colour wouldn't really suit me as I need a more orange-red.

However I reeeally want Demi Lovato's hair colour! I love her entire look at the moment and really want her curls and side swept parting. And a hat! Have you seen any hats like this anywhere; a wide boater style?

I will be taking these pics to the hairdressers ASAP as I haven't had a trim since February!!



    26th. What's in your bag

I've never done a 'What's in my bag' video or post in about four years as I'm never interest in them! I think it's because I never really had alot of money growing up (or now!) so I definitely wouldn't bother spending what I had on a nice purse or phone as it didn't stretch further than clothes. For ages I was one of those people with a really old phone, and when I lived in Sweden I didn't even have a phone for a year! I'm not too bothered about having great gadgets.

Now I have two phones as I finally got a Blackberry to join all my friends (and what an amazing pulling tool) and I have a work iPhone for emails and Instagram, where I do have an account (@selinajelibaby) but I don't use it that often as the phone doesn't feel *mine*. At the moment I carry coins and cards in this little Hello Kitty purse my Nan got me, and carry loyalty cards/vouchers/paracetamol/etc in the studded River Island zip purse. If I want to pack light, I just throw this out of the mix as I never go in there. 

Then from the top, I have my business cards, random receipts and train tickets, the key fob for the work office, gum (though I hate gum), pens and some ever-changing makeup (MAC Blot Powder, 17 First Flush, MAC Hue and Creme D' Nude, Witch Tinted Moisturiser, NYX Antwerp Lip ream, Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer and a random sunscreen lip balm).

I always take my phone chargers as my Blackberry's battery life is on it's last legs, and I have a cheesy I Heart Madrid keyring from my holiday on my house key. I also wear glasses at work but usually forget to! Then I found some loose change, a broken double-finger chain link ring from Miss Selfridge, and of course any Motel staff member will tell you that they always have an I Heart Motel tote bag on hand!

I really need a more summery bag as this black Topshop leather one is getting a bit tatty-looking now and it's quite a winter bag. Backpacks have the disadvantage of meaning you have to plunge your hand in and root around to find anything as it all gets jumbled around, but I would LOVE any of these right about now!!

Forever 21 Parrot, Topshop Ikat, Topshop MexicanRiver Island AztecRiver Island ChambrayASOS Ikkat, ASOS Floral, River Island Aztec.


    25th. A totally YOU outfit

I'm definitely not as chic or minimal as many bloggers so an outfit that's totally me had to include a skater skirt and classic crop top! A few of you weren't sure how to wear the River Island High Tops, and I did actually wear flats with this outfit today as it was too hot, but I would wear them with any outfit you would wear normal, classic high tops or Converse with. I'm wanting to wear mine with Riding Pants or a sort of sporty look with neon, stripes or a racer front neckline. I bought this flamingo skirt for only £20 when I bought the shoes too from River Island and love the super full style and bright print. I did want to wear it with an equally as tropical patterned top today but it wasn't dry!

Also excuse the colour of my legs, it's just the dimness of my minuscule, Polly Pocket sized bedroom!

Topshop crop top, Miss Selfridge spiked hoops, River Island skirt and shoes.


    24th. The item that brings all the boys to the yard

Now it has just dawned on me that the bank holiday approaches fast and I have nadda to wear! Well, nothing new, and as someone pointed out to me a while ago, I work for a brand that is predominantly dresses so I have to be looking fresh! I'll always wear a bodycon dress when I go out as separates just don't feel special enough for me, and my favourite at the moment is the Stripy Motel Zoe Dress (PS it's free shipping this week!) which I've worn in Bristol and at home now so it needs a cooling off period! FYI the photo above was taken by my talented Nan haha!

I don't have any money to buy anything new anyway as I am far poorer than when I was a student even, but if money grew on trees I would definitely be eyeing up these dresses... I've been lusting after this Reverse Dress and Nasty Gal Dress for ever, and I love the necklines of the ASOS racer back and Miss Selfridge 'muscle front' dresses. C'est la vie, I'll dig up something I already own! Do you know any other dress brands/sites I might like? No cheapie sites though!


    23rd. Something from your favourite store

Oooh it's nearly the end of May! I WILL finish this challenge in time! My favourite physical store/brand is definitely H&M - I can't resist going into any one I pass because of their frequent stock replenishment and reasonable prices! Their Trend collection at the moment is insane. I saw this necklace on Frassy and Carolina and hunted through a few H&Ms before spotting a stack of them, causing a mini fashion gasp. It's gooorgeous! I love everything neon yellow or green at the moment so the zesty gems are right up my street. I haven't worn it yet but the weather right now calls for just about any outfit so I definitely will - maybe tomorrow! My outfits are somewhat hindered by some fake tan stains that won't budge, so I'm stocking up on lemon juice tomorrow definitely.