Haha my bedroom is SO SMALL! Evening everyone, what do you think of bigger photos? Easier to see outfits? I wore this yesterday and actually felt rather normal in it rather than rather fruity,haha! Isn't it funny how you feel totally comfortable in some things but in others you feel a bit on show? Give me a fluro maxi skirt and I'm fine!

I got this River Island maxi last year in the sale and it's a bit big so looks almost like it has a paper bag waist. Maxis are the easiest thing to wear as you don't need to worry about tights or tan and, if they are high waisted, they look right with just about any top. I got this body that looks like a corset from Berksha when I was in Madrid and it's so comfy! I'm really getting into strapless things at the moment which isn't my usual choice but once you find something that stays up, they can be great with high waisted things - which is basically all I own!

I also did a wee video too although I haven't made one in a while so I am a bit random! I'm about to book a holiday to Barcelona *fingers and toes crossed* so if you have been there before, please could you suggest any central hotels? I hope you are having a lovely week, I have a good feeling about this one! 

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