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Hey guys! I am slightly surprised that it is already the end of June, maybe I should do another blogger challenge? This month has flown by with a few trips to London for work and I'm generally not sure what in between. I think the bank holiday throws you off!

Being almost July though, it is time to find some sun and I am about to book up a few days away with some friends, fingers crossed! It might be a bit mad that I am already starting to keep my eyes peeled for holiday bargains but the shops are already throwing all their summer things into the mid season sales. Miss Selfridge is finally back in Bristol and I much prefer it over Topshop, so I spotted this neon green bikini for £15 and had to get a bit of neon in for summer! Just imagine, on a beach with a (fake) tan, ahh!

I've been seeing American flag bikinis on blogs and something in me also needed one immediately. Maybe I was thinking along the lines of Lana Del Rey, with massive sunglasses and high waist denim shorts and a big flower! I got this one from a swedish site called Mad Lady, as I've been browsing websites recently rather than shops. This is mostly so I don't actually go into the shop and can just close the browser! But I love the chunky bow ties of this bikini and the way the bottoms are all stars.

Then after much deliberation and a few times of trying on (which I never do - I always buy what I like!), I finally got these gorgeous New Look wedges, which absolutely scream holidayyy. The nude straps don't cut off your legs as they make them look longer, and the wedge is absolutely massive. I will possibly fall over but I can time wearing them to the optimum occasion with little walking. Bring on the summer! (I found a link to New Look's sale preview too, holla!!!)


Haha my bedroom is SO SMALL! Evening everyone, what do you think of bigger photos? Easier to see outfits? I wore this yesterday and actually felt rather normal in it rather than rather fruity,haha! Isn't it funny how you feel totally comfortable in some things but in others you feel a bit on show? Give me a fluro maxi skirt and I'm fine!

I got this River Island maxi last year in the sale and it's a bit big so looks almost like it has a paper bag waist. Maxis are the easiest thing to wear as you don't need to worry about tights or tan and, if they are high waisted, they look right with just about any top. I got this body that looks like a corset from Berksha when I was in Madrid and it's so comfy! I'm really getting into strapless things at the moment which isn't my usual choice but once you find something that stays up, they can be great with high waisted things - which is basically all I own!

I also did a wee video too although I haven't made one in a while so I am a bit random! I'm about to book a holiday to Barcelona *fingers and toes crossed* so if you have been there before, please could you suggest any central hotels? I hope you are having a lovely week, I have a good feeling about this one! 


I haven't done an official NOTW in so long! I don't stick a bunch of gems and jewels on my nails anymore now that I have to be taken 'seriously' at work so I'm choosing my colours carefully and going for something always noticeable instead! When I visited home a few weeks ago I had in mind to wear a neon green polish that night but was surprised I couldn't find one on the high street by any brand at all. Why are none doing neons yet? I chanced upon the shade on the right at a market but it turned out to be similar to a Star Gazer colour I already have - more of a Hulk green!

I had to bite the bullet and get the original American Apparel neon green as it was the only one I could find in the shops rather than online. I took it to the salon when I got my nails infilled but found one coat is better than two coats with a top coat as then it looked more yellow. One layer is just enough for a lime neon, especially over a white polish

Did you spot the blue mark on my little finger nail? I was painting my toes blue, my favourite tootsie colour!


Aloha guys, just to let you know of a secret treat to shop our sale at Motel Rocks a week early! Here's the secret link to get 50% off these items, just use the code SECRETSALE50 at the checkout! These items will be in a main sale next week but right now you can only shop through this secret link, before all the good stuff sells out first! Happy shopping x


I hope you had a fantastic Jubilee weekend! Mine was cut short as I volunteered to hit London on Tuesday for the final Jubilee procession! The Motel interns Katie, Taz and Sarah, student ambassadors Julie and Victoria, and myself were a mini Motel army of patriotic fun! We went armed with stickers, discount cards and only flags to keep us warm, and trooped down to Buckingham palace! Haha yes working in retail can take you to extremes.

We started at the showroom just off Oxford Street so going past Topshop and down Regent Street got a lot of looks and cheers from shoppers! I wanted to make sure Motel was at the Jubilee and what better way than to do a fashion flash mob-style stunt with us all in the famous Zoe Dress that we made in a neon or pastel union jack. A few of us were debating whether we actually would wear the dress over the weekend, but I thought if I saw a girl in the dress in a normal club, I would definitely look! But seeing the photos now, the colours are so lovely and the Zoe Dress is such a great shape that I half wish I did wear it on the weekend! We will definitely get them out for the Olympics!


At one point we were totally swarmed by about 50 tourists who wanted a million photos and we couldn't get away haha! We couldn't get into The Mall at the palace as it was full so we went to Hyde Park and got slightly drenched in the rain! But my favourite part was bumping into the Hollister boys and them calling over to us for photos (like we hadn't noticed them already!); I may need to frame them on my wall! Hellooooo! I definitely pressed those stickers firmly on their chests haha! Can you believe all these guys are from right here in England?


Alright lovers! So I am busy packing makeup, outfits, a million union jack flags and ten thousand gift cards right now as I'm about to go home for the weekend and up to London on Tuesday, but I had to let you know there is 25% off at Motel Rocks all weekend right up until Tuesday!!!!!! Even we were shocked that we were allowed to run 25% off as it's a hefty discount and there isn't an event like this coming up any time soon again so if you like something, buy it now!!!! I wore my Palm Print jeans today in a tropical head to toe frenzy and they are sweeeet! I wear a small/10 in these as they come up smaller. Have a FANTASTIC weekend everyone! x