I haven't done an official NOTW in so long! I don't stick a bunch of gems and jewels on my nails anymore now that I have to be taken 'seriously' at work so I'm choosing my colours carefully and going for something always noticeable instead! When I visited home a few weeks ago I had in mind to wear a neon green polish that night but was surprised I couldn't find one on the high street by any brand at all. Why are none doing neons yet? I chanced upon the shade on the right at a market but it turned out to be similar to a Star Gazer colour I already have - more of a Hulk green!

I had to bite the bullet and get the original American Apparel neon green as it was the only one I could find in the shops rather than online. I took it to the salon when I got my nails infilled but found one coat is better than two coats with a top coat as then it looked more yellow. One layer is just enough for a lime neon, especially over a white polish

Did you spot the blue mark on my little finger nail? I was painting my toes blue, my favourite tootsie colour!

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