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Cuff It


My camera charger STILL isn't here!! I'm hoping it will arrive this week so I can take some photos and make videos; I've rearranged my shoebox room so now it is more of a cupboard and I have photo space, woo!

So right now I'm thinking about all the things I'm lusting after rather than things I can show you, and right now I'm thinking of cuffs. When I'm scrolling through Tumblr, my eye instantly goes to wrists and arms, and I'm really after a beautiful cuff. Ideally it would sit up a little higher than your wrist and at first may look like a few bracelets. The first few are rather out of my price range like the clothing at Avenue 32 but I love the black stones in the first cuff, and idealy I'd like the slim central line of the second. Alternatives are the simple ASOS banded or Mango clustered ones but they might not make enough of a statement, so I'm thinking about mixing in a cross like the plain Rock n Rose bracelet or ASOS link bracelet. I'm not sure if I'm bored of crosses and the whole soft goth trend as what else are we going to wear all winter if we tire of studs?!

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