Cropz and Shortz

To Be Continued...

Now I've done some funny things in my time in the name of DIY but not for a good few years. Some how tonight though I've found myself with black fingers, floors, and walls thanks to a strange quest to dye my shoes!

This all started because a) I can't seem to find a pair of nice heels anywhere without a stiletto heel and b) I don't want to be spending lots of money right now. I have these grey Miss Selfridge shoes which are very chunky and comfy, and have these amazing giant bows and a pink lining. However they are definitely worn now and the fabric was very marked and dirty beyond repair. Never fear though, I have decided to make them black!

I first tried shoe polish but that wasn't dark enough, and I was going to paint them with fabric paint but Wilkinsons only had packet dye. Well at £2.99 you can't go wrong, so I ignored the instructions and skipped the gloves, and chose basically the largest yet smallest bowl I could find! I am turning the shoes around every few minutes so they are evenly covered and they are looking pretty good despite there being huge puddles of dye inside each shoe. Progress TBC... let's hope I can wear them on Friday night!

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