Recent pre-autumn buys
Cocktails and Karaoke!

Treats and Traumas

Hi guys! A little late night check in from me as I have been round the shops yet again and have not seen anything that I wanted to part with my cash for! What is going on?! I'm currently on a bottoms ban (aka no trousers, skirts, leggings, etc) as I have so many that I still love, but I could do with some knitwear as more of a 'priority'. I'd love a burgundy jumper but haven't seen the winner yet!

I'm still waiting to use someone's student discount on the soft River Island creepers but have bought a bunch of Topshop socks in preparation! I love the frillies and seriously love these the thick fold-over detail on the right pair. I'll be washing these in bleach so they stay the brightest white!

I also realised I had a decent amount of Boots points and tried to re-buy my favourite contour/bronzer colour, Brickie by 17. I got this probably two years ago and now they seem to have discontinued it, nooooo!! No signs on eBay or the'net either. Why didn't I stock up on this £3.50 beauty?! I did wonder if they had changed the name and it was now the rather similar shade Nude but alas they are not identical. Nude is still pretty though and shall get hopefully as much use as it's older sister.

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