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I Want It Now: River Island Skater Skirts

Hey guys! Now then, I have a rather slightly large addiction to skater skirts and I'm not afraid to say it! In my eyes, you can never have too many, but I definitely have almost too many. I think bottoms are a good purchase as they go with everything and can be worn many times a week, whereas a top can only be worn once before washing and wearing again. I have no hesitation in buying well priced bottoms I like so right now I have a heap that I love wearing. This means a)  I don't have lots of tops and b) I don't need any more bottoms!

However I love these skater skirts at River Island and they are all just £18 and under! They look the the comfiest things ever and I just spotted the tapestry one in the Just Arrived section - gorgeous! I'm really into berry and burgundy right now but I'll try to stay away from the skirt and invest in a burgundy knit instead, but another weakness is leopard print! The dark black version is a great alternative to an actual black skirt, and the right skirt is just the perfect tone and size! Alas, I do have a leopard skater skirt that actually is from River Island, so I can admire from afar but try to focus my shopping attention on other things. Now I just need to find a decent jumper without a cross or skull on it!
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