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Glam Happenings

I feel very lacking in the glamour department as of late and want a few gloriously fabulous things in my life! Things that are just damn fabulous. I'm starting my Christmas shopping on Saturday and may look around for a few cheeky pieces for myself. I desperately need some new heels as my feet have shrunk a size for some reason and I keep falling out of my own! My friend has these Topshop Lassie Platforms in black and cork and they are the kind that make a statement but basically look great with everything. The brown with black straps are probably most versatile but these leopard ones would be quite amazing. They are super high but look really comfy, and £55 is a decent Topshop shoe price.

I let myself loose in Oxford Circus Topshop the day after the Motel bloggers party in London (woo!) but it was cut even shorter when an alarm went off and everyone was somewhat calmly evacuated. I had walked through Miss Selfridge and spotted this glitter encrusted bag covered in studs, complete with a handy hand strap (hoho), and dubbed it my next 'going out' bag. You can't see all the studs in the picture but it is covered! Alas this purchase wasn't meant to be as I had to leave the shop with everyone else quite sharpish after the alarm started, but I'm going to go to Miss S here on Saturday to have a closer look. £30 made me wince a little though!

Topshop has some wedges like this a while ago that were simply a blast of iridescent glitter, and hopefully these New Look versions will be the same. I just fancied a bit of sparkle, and if the glitter is multicoloured then they should look a lot more expensive. If not, maybe not.

And lastly, I still can't think of a colour to get my nails painted on Saturday apart from white with glitter over the top again! Hmmm! Topshop's Rising Star polish would be perfect over a pearly white polish, but I haven't bought my own in ages since realising I might as well use the salon selection always!

A Stress-Free Sunday

Hi guys! I'm in a bloggy mood today and have been brainstorming posts all day - there is lots I want to share with you! However today was a day of major relaxing as it's the Motel Christmas blogger event tomorrow and I am going to London bright and early! Considering the events don't start until the evening, I have to stay full of energy all day so I've been taking it easy today and pottering about at home. I feel full of adrenalin so won't be able to sleep any time soon!

I work up to an epic online supermarket shop delivery, which I tend to do on pay day usually (damn this five week month!) but I needed to stock up again. If I visit the supermarket myself, I can't carry much, so I buy loads of juice, tinned soups, sauces and other heavy things online; then top up over the month with fresh veggies and fruit.

My sister visited on Friday and I've been craving milkshake ever since (hangover cure?). Drinking pink things taste even better I swear!

I slapped on a hair mask and left it on all day before I showered as my locks are feeling a bit dull and dry of late. This one smells a bit herby and funky so I'll probably try another next, although it does make for smooth ends!

High stress levels mean a LOT of warm tea and some treats - it's all about the treats! I've packed up a whole picnic of food for tomorrow as you never have the chance to go off and eat when you are perfecting a party, so I am well prepared!

A routine to make me feel very organised and fresh is to clean all my makeup with antibacterial wipes and wash my brushes in baby shampoo! They make your makeup feel brand new and I know I will be transporting my brushes tomorrow so I made sure they are squeaky clean.   


I also have a delve through my makeup collection and pull out a few lost and forgotton items. I quite fancy a bit of glitter for tomorrow and maybe a red lip! This all depends on how long and where I have to get ready, which might end up being a couple of minutes!

This is the dress I am wearing! It's actually navy blue with a velvet bodice and hugh, umbrella tutu skirt. There is nowhere else I would be able to wear this dress and I think I will feel like the belle of the ball, which is a good thing when you are hosting a party! It's called the Tera Dress and will be on Motel Rocks soon.

Then I spent the afternoon planning for Monday and Tuesday and sorting the final party guest list. I cannot tell you just how much work goes into an event so fingers crossed everyone has a lovely time! There are so many presents!


I'm a bit on the fence with candles as I get used to the smell as soon as they are lit! It's nice to walk back into the room with a gorgeous scent though but I won't be spending loads on posh candles any time soon.

I'm going to blend up a super green smoothie in the morning with apple, courgette, spinach and banana, hoping it will be my mega energy boost! People think they must taste really peculiar but I love a random smoothie.

And now it is bedtime and I know I'll have trouble nodding off! I hope tomorrow goes so well - there should be lots of coverage on Twitter and Facebook, and hopefully everyone will love it! I'm looking forward to seeing some of my favourite blogger faces x

Topshop Tartan

How disappointed I was when I went into River Island and scooped up the lust-worthy skater skirts of dreams and found even the size 6 was droopy and boring on! What a shame! I love skater skirts and despite having a bunch, I was very keen to get another but alas the fit was not meant to be. I love fuller, more structured skater skirts and spied this Topshop tartan skirt while I was browsing and trying on a few things. The fit is extremely flattering with a full 'poof' from the waist as it has a little underskirt layer. It's perfect with the polo neck crop tops that they've brought out in loads of colours - I nabbed a white one when they had sold out but now they have loads of colours! I got the black too but should have waited and maybe got a dress. The tops themselves are quite long so don't always come up super cropped, but I roll them under a little.
I'm still spending less and saving more but I have had a few buys this month which I'll show you soon! Half of the things I got I ended up returning so the things I have kept I really love. I really want a black rose headband that isn't huge or really long so if you see any, do let me know! x

My New (Old) Beauty Tower

Hi all! I hope you are rather swell, as am I right now; I've been looking through the Victoria Secret runway show images and loving being a girl! I'm super girly across basically everything I do and moving house meant I had a new room to decorate, which is rather exciting. I'm constantly browsing Achica and Dolly Bow Bow in my lunch break dreaming of new bedding and kitsch bits!

I would like to have a clutter free, bare bedroom with a few scattered candles, but when you rent just one room, most things you own are in one space! I had these Argos shelves in my old house but only had a few layers up, but this time I knew I wanted to make it a super tall tower of beauty, hair and accessories!

The shelves are the easiest DIY set as you just twist on the poles by hand, it's not very heavy, and you can have as many layers as you want. I have kept most things in a few recycled Glossybox's from work as its easy to just chuck things in. If you have to keep arranging your things neatly, it will never stay that way!

After a few months of using things up and not replenishing my collections, I feel I've got a more manageable stash of perfumes, hair products and body moisturisers, eventually just working my way down to my key favourites! Not so sure that will happen any time soon!


Nails Of The Week 21

I haven't had my nails done in sooo long and on Saturday I had a major pamper day of getting my eyebrows, nails and even makeup done. You know I'm a big fan of MAC makeovers as you get such value for money, and I really needed a few new ideas as my routine was becoming dull! A much needed refresh after four months of buying none.

I've moved house finally to somewhere lovely and bustling, so I popped to my new local salon and immediately found OPI Blue My Mind, perfect for my Ariel Halloween costume! Most colours do look good on fake nails but the metallic blue is very polished and makes your nails petite and rather aquatic! I'm going to get a berry red version next time, but for now the blue is perfect with red lips!

It's approaching the busiest season at work so I'm gearing up for the action - bring it on! I'll be keeping up with my blogging of course and hopefully will have lots to share x