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The Best Shopping Trip of ALL TIME!

Body chained

Sometimes some things just make sense. I don't think bodychains ever took off when they were in the shops recently as they were big and embellished; infact head chains were more common! But it was only tonight that I realised that body chains actually are probably meant to go against your body under your clothes à la Cassie, rather than over your clothes. Oh!

Now the seemingly obvious has been realised, a body chain could be the perfect additition to my many crop tops! A day does not go by when I don't wear something cropped with something high waisted. I could have fashioned my own chain for about 20p but I do not have the resources or the spare time to go hunting for chain and pliers, so I took the lazy route of order a ready-made one on eBay. No regrets!

Images from my tumblr.

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