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Feeling Flutey

This photo was from the last time I went home against one of my Mom's amazing wallpapers; that lady loves an accent wall! This Flute Skirt from Motel is one of those new items that you almost forget you have because it's not quite worn-to-death yet, and then you remember it is in your wardrobe and you get a little buzz. It's actually a thin white faux leather and for someone with soooo much black in my wardrobe, it's a fresh change! Circle skirts will forever be my fail-safes! 

The first time I saw the polo neck crop tops in Topshop they had all sold out so I snapped up the black and white versions as soon as I saw them! I had to restrain myself from going any more into polo necks as they were an immediate favourite and I just had to hunt for a dress too. I returned the said dress as really, I don't need a 5th black maxi dress no matter which neckline it is! Still loving these crop tops though, and they're a tad warmer than your usual crop top affair!

P.S. If anyone has any advise on saving photos so they appear high quality when uploaded, please do tell me, I would love to know! I think my photos go blurry once they are uploaded x

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