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The Best Shopping Trip of ALL TIME!

Now I don't like to count my chickens before the hatch but I feel on the brink of a definite good time! Time recently has certainly not been the best and things have been generally rubbish with a side of heartbreak and a sprinkling of sadness. Maybe it's the world of karma but today I had an epiphany at the shops and the spending Gods were looking down on me with a smile.

Let me take you back to the end of work today, when I embarked to town to get my nails done and pick up a few items. I had a shopping list on my phone of conditoner and headphones and had a few shops to visit for some wishlist items. I've been around the sales and found them pretty fruitless, and the shops seem to have the last reduced dregs on a few sad racks. All in all, I didn't plan to buy anything and wanted to get back home for my tea!

After my nails, I popped into Boots and low and behold, they had the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo in stock!!! This is beyond a miracle because I have been in there at least five times this month and it's always sold out, and many Boots sales assistants has advised me it wasn't arriving any time soon. A while ago I was peeved that they were doing a '2 for £15' deal and they didn't have it in stock, but today they had it in stock AND the deal was back! Hurrah! The product is £13 itself so this is an amazing offer. None of the other Effeclar products interested me so I picked up two of these, and hopefully they will tackle any recent spots. It seems to be back in stock online too!

I was super chuffed by finally finding these - they are huge in the blog world and it's funny how you know exactly why the product is so popular, but the beauty people on the counters think it's bizarre! I was about to hit home but Zara is on the edge of the shopping centre in Bristol so I thought I'd pop in quickly as I have also been after the sold out ankle strap, kitten heels that are also massive over the blogosphere. I spotted the nude, jewelled pair in the sale a few weeks ago but they didn't have my size, and then realised all their AW12 kitten heels have been marked up to around £60 on eBay! It seems the trend took off late and once they were in the half price sale, they were all scooped up. I toyed with eBaying them but knew somewhere else would bring out a great pair, but to my amazement I walked straight into Zara and found these in my size on the shelves! Just the one pair! In my common shoe size! Considering it's the very last week of all the extended high-street sales, this could be a miracle. I didn't even stop to try them on and just took them straight to the till, where the lady revealed they were not the already-half-price £19.00 on the tag, but were now reduced to £9.99. Unbelievable!!

I love the berry colour as I wear a tonne of black and white, so these are a fresh change in a rich colour. What a find! Thank you to fashion fate and karma because I couldn't have planned a better trip. Maybe my scrimping shopping habits are paying off finally! 

Body chained

Sometimes some things just make sense. I don't think bodychains ever took off when they were in the shops recently as they were big and embellished; infact head chains were more common! But it was only tonight that I realised that body chains actually are probably meant to go against your body under your clothes à la Cassie, rather than over your clothes. Oh!

Now the seemingly obvious has been realised, a body chain could be the perfect additition to my many crop tops! A day does not go by when I don't wear something cropped with something high waisted. I could have fashioned my own chain for about 20p but I do not have the resources or the spare time to go hunting for chain and pliers, so I took the lazy route of order a ready-made one on eBay. No regrets!

Images from my tumblr.

Feeling Flutey

This photo was from the last time I went home against one of my Mom's amazing wallpapers; that lady loves an accent wall! This Flute Skirt from Motel is one of those new items that you almost forget you have because it's not quite worn-to-death yet, and then you remember it is in your wardrobe and you get a little buzz. It's actually a thin white faux leather and for someone with soooo much black in my wardrobe, it's a fresh change! Circle skirts will forever be my fail-safes! 

The first time I saw the polo neck crop tops in Topshop they had all sold out so I snapped up the black and white versions as soon as I saw them! I had to restrain myself from going any more into polo necks as they were an immediate favourite and I just had to hunt for a dress too. I returned the said dress as really, I don't need a 5th black maxi dress no matter which neckline it is! Still loving these crop tops though, and they're a tad warmer than your usual crop top affair!

P.S. If anyone has any advise on saving photos so they appear high quality when uploaded, please do tell me, I would love to know! I think my photos go blurry once they are uploaded x

One Studded Lady

I had a Topshop voucher at Christmas but saved it up for their SS13 drop. I have visited the shops a few times to return things or buy presents recently but the shops are totally dull! It might be the January vibe but as it is such a long month, the sales are drawing out so there are only random unwanted items left, and there is not quite anything new just yet. The biggest transitional trend is clearly monochrome and I'm bored of black and white - I already own so much! I'm not a huge fan of graphic, metric prints either so nothing has been catching my eye.

One thing on my mental shopping list was a new bag, as they are one of your most used purchases and we will still be wearing coats to cover our outfits for a few months. I've had backpacks and rucksacks throughout the past year which I love but my current leopard one started feeling a bit sloppy, and I want to be a little more chic this year.

I was browsing the shops on Thursday feeling very downbeat with everything there and after two trips around Topshop, I resigned myself to exchange some things for just a gift card, but spotted this lone bag on a shelf. It's the Studded Lady Holdall in 'dirty pink' but I'm going to call it a dark blush/nude! It's not a pale - it's definitely a warm rose colour. Topshop have loads of leather bags but they always seem to do a great faux leather bag at a lower price point, and £40 is pretty good! They do it in black and grey too, but I nabbed this one. It will be nice to have a bag on my arm again rather than hanging off my shoulder.

Winter Ways

After a hard and life-changing week, and in a burst of winter inspiration, my housemate and I decided to have a chilly Sunday walk and we definitely felt energised after. Just feeling calm and centred and chilled once a week really helps, especially if you are always on the go like me.

We are all preparing for a very cold few weeks and I'll be snuggling up in my River Island fur coat and New Look snood, definitely layering up a few pairs of tights and leggings. I'm not great at dressing for the cold due to a love of crop tops but I have a few jumpers to see me through!

Also a lovely hello to the girl I met in Miss Selfridge, I love the skirt I ordered, yay!