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Pin Up

We did a photoshoot today at work so I got photo babe Lora to snap these photos! In however many years I've been buying my own clothes, I'm not sure if I have ever owned a proper pinafore! Not one with buttons or straps or a classic square neckline. This Miss Selfridge one is the cutest thing I've ever laid eyes on! It's also a soft knitted material so wearing it is total comfort, especially for me at a desk most of the day. I think it looks best with an off shoulder top, but I might try a polo top too. The socks were for the photoshoot, but when the sun comes I will be busting these babies out!

I've got a couple of days off work next week and this Saturday I'm seeing Girls Aloud with Fritha and Kristabel! I am SO exciteddd, I've been listening to their old school tunes non-stop and know it will be a super girly atmosphere. Also it's a chance to hit London and of course super lashes too!


Makeup The Rules

I had a superb Superdrug haul today as my sister works there and staff 'friends and family' get 50% off Superdrug's own products this week! This includes Sleek, MUA, Gosh and a host of others so I stocked up on just about everything I could possibly ever need and these things were among the beauty products. I love that golden discount card!

I only wanted to buy things I knew I would at least make a dent in, as lots of my own makeup hardly ever gets used up. I have a strange moment of buying things with great plans, but then not wanting them to run out! I don't want to wear a full face of makeup every day because most days I come to work and then leave again without any meetings. I almost don't want to feel disappointed that the day was uneventful and I've wasted the makeup! It's a funny cycle but I love buying makeup and planning how I will wear it. 

I'm going to consciously try to use up a lipstick or blusher, with the aim of having an empty pot and tube as soon as possible! Almost like the total opposite now; a race backwards. What's the worst that can happen? The truth is the rate of buying makeup is exceeding the rate I use it up so I can just balance it out haha.

London Fashion Week AW13

It has been a week since fashion week and it was probably my most favourite yet! I went down with the fab Motel girls as always and the sun was most definitely shining, making for a really cheerful atmosphere! I love spotting the celebs and saw so many reality stars; my favourite moment being metres away from Mollie King of The Saturdays at a show! I love The Sats so I felt like a super fangirl!

I wasn't too sure what to wear so I fitted in with what the other Motel girls wore by not choosing the same, and settled on my new Serena skirt. It doesn't seem to photograph so well unless you smooth it out, but it's a really cute little bodycon skirt with an almighty, ruffled peplum! This sparked a new peplum obsession so watch this space. I wore it with a new cropped sweater that isn't out yet but there are a few items in the print online, and I think I'll wear the Jolene dress to see Girls Aloud this week! I also wore my small Zara heels, shunning the traditional mega heels. Most bloggers always wear sunglasses like Ray Bans too which might make it easier to pose! It is very hard to do that natural street style pose so I was just smiling for every photo as it was genuinely such a fun fashion week! 

Nails Of The Week 25: Celestial

I was hoping Topshop's Celestial would be like Essie's Lapis of Luxury, which Rihanna wore in her What's My Name video, but it seems even better! It's a bright, clear sky blue and very opaque so it looks almost gummy. I love 'unnatural' colours on nails like green, blue and purple as they stand out the most. I really wanted rounded nails again even though they don't wear very well and can look quite messy when they grow out a little. I went to the nail salon on the evening before Valentine's day though so it was too busy to ask for anything time consuming, although a girl next to me had some amazing pointed nude nails. She asked for designs on her index fingers of a gun and a knife and the nail technician was so confused haha! Definitely Valentine's appropriate?!

I only have a couple of Topshop polishes but their colours are so deep and opaque that I'll make a beeline for more if there is a specific shade I am craving. I might jazz these up with some 3D gems this week if I get bored.

Lucky Lace

I was on a hunt for a new dress all of last week for my housemate's birthday on the Friday. You know when you are looking for something and you just don't find it? I was after new shoes and a new dress but couldn't find either! There are no decent heels in the shops right now anywhere it seems. I did a mid-week ASOS order but everything was thin and too stretchy, so it was by chance that in the final hour I found this dress in Topshop. I had this picture that I reblogged on my Tumblr in mind and searched far and wide online for a similar dress, and then I went and found exactly it! 

Hidden behind a rail of bright midi dresses I found this lace beauty and thanked the Gods of shopping! It is nude with a very thin velvety overlay of paisley lace. However when I tried it on, I realised it only stretches in one direction so the sleeves are SUPER tight. Before you put it on, you have to make sure the seams are in the correct place or you will not be able to twist the sleeves once it's over your head! I also knew I didn't want a midi length as it just felt too formal for a cheesy club in Bristol, so I planned on hemming it, but actually in the end I just folded it under once about 10 inches! I'm so pleased I can still wear it as a midi length if I want to, and you can't tell it is folded under at all. They also have it in blue lace too! It was only £36 which is excellent for Topshop and for a longer length, and it should be in my outfit rotation for a long time!

Get in my wardrobe

Fashion week is approaching and so is a sudden new urge to shop, shop, shop! I think it's all hormonal as some weeks I'm obsessed with cleaning and sorting, and sometimes I just want a bunch of new things instantly. I'm obsessed with crop tops for every season so this New Look one is off shoulder perfection; yes I am signing up to off-shoulder-obsessed-anonymous meetings soon! I've never tried a frilled skirt but the way this Miss Selfridge skirt is half bodycon and half peplum seems a winner. I haven't wore my bargain Zara ankle strap heels yet but these with spikes are equally as beautiful.
I want some elaborate earrings ASAP and these ASOS cuties are right up my street, but I'm not keen on ordering online though so I expect there is something similar in H&M. A feathered clutch is something I would SO snap up right now but I'm looking for the perfect one, and this Miss Selfridge beauty has a chain strap too, so I'm considering getting it in my life. And lastly, I have all the Gucci perfumes and Gucci by Gucci is my favourite for a night out, so I really want to try Gucci Premiére. Maybe a Valentine's present to myself?

Nails Of The Week 24: Nude Sparkles

Oooo I got my nails did! I just googled a picture of this polish and I found one of my own from a few years ago when I did some crazyyy nails with this colour! It's called Linen by W7 and it's a creamy white with a hint of pink. When I first had it applied at the salon I worried it looked like a dirty white but in daylight it has milky, nude tones, which are super chic. I have a couple of W7 polishes and they have the best colours.

I fancied a bit of bling and actually did these on the train to Manchester on Friday! The guy next to me probably thought I was crazy but one nail doesn't take very long. I realised that the gems and glue would be more effective if the surface was rough so I filed the nail a little so make it less smooth. I'm quite tempted to do a few more nails for the weekend, and of course fashion week is coming up! I've decided my outfit (mostly Motel of course!) and am rather looking forward to hitting the cobbles of Somerset House!

A Manchester OOTN

Here is an outfit of the night as I went to Manchester on Friday! It's the first time I've been since July 2012 on my graduation so I was EXCITED! As a city, Manchester feels like home after studying there and all the vibes there are right up my street. You wouldn't go out on the town in trainers, put it that way! I love the pace of the city and how everyone takes the weekend as the chance to go all out. It was payday weekend too and I booked the day off work so I could travel up early. 

I had some Debenhams vouchers at Christmas and luckily in Bristol the MAC counter is there, so I booked an early makeover with my favourite makeup artist Claire and got a few new things! As I've said before, if you're spending £30 at MAC, you might as well get the free 1 hour makeover! Book in advance though as they sell out quickly! When you start getting a few, the makeup artists will remember you and know exactly what your into. Even though my appointment was at 11am, I knew it would stay on until the evening so later I just topped up this Kimmy K look with a bit more eyeliner and blush, and of course my favourite Eylure 202 double lashes. 

I thought I ordered this American Apparel dress when they had a 30% off day but it turns out I somehow didn't! I barely ordered it properly in time and thankfully it came; I always get AA dresses and the shiny effect on this one makes it super flattering. I recommend! I wore my tan Jeffrey Campbell Litas too as I realised the new black heels I bought didn't exactly fit outside the shop - have you ever done that? I swear they were fine when I tried them on but as soon as I paid, they were pain city.

As for Manchester, the shops were glorious and the night was full of party people. Such a good city!!