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Nails Of The Week 25: Celestial

Lucky Lace

I was on a hunt for a new dress all of last week for my housemate's birthday on the Friday. You know when you are looking for something and you just don't find it? I was after new shoes and a new dress but couldn't find either! There are no decent heels in the shops right now anywhere it seems. I did a mid-week ASOS order but everything was thin and too stretchy, so it was by chance that in the final hour I found this dress in Topshop. I had this picture that I reblogged on my Tumblr in mind and searched far and wide online for a similar dress, and then I went and found exactly it! 

Hidden behind a rail of bright midi dresses I found this lace beauty and thanked the Gods of shopping! It is nude with a very thin velvety overlay of paisley lace. However when I tried it on, I realised it only stretches in one direction so the sleeves are SUPER tight. Before you put it on, you have to make sure the seams are in the correct place or you will not be able to twist the sleeves once it's over your head! I also knew I didn't want a midi length as it just felt too formal for a cheesy club in Bristol, so I planned on hemming it, but actually in the end I just folded it under once about 10 inches! I'm so pleased I can still wear it as a midi length if I want to, and you can't tell it is folded under at all. They also have it in blue lace too! It was only £36 which is excellent for Topshop and for a longer length, and it should be in my outfit rotation for a long time!

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