London Fashion Week AW13
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Makeup The Rules

I had a superb Superdrug haul today as my sister works there and staff 'friends and family' get 50% off Superdrug's own products this week! This includes Sleek, MUA, Gosh and a host of others so I stocked up on just about everything I could possibly ever need and these things were among the beauty products. I love that golden discount card!

I only wanted to buy things I knew I would at least make a dent in, as lots of my own makeup hardly ever gets used up. I have a strange moment of buying things with great plans, but then not wanting them to run out! I don't want to wear a full face of makeup every day because most days I come to work and then leave again without any meetings. I almost don't want to feel disappointed that the day was uneventful and I've wasted the makeup! It's a funny cycle but I love buying makeup and planning how I will wear it. 

I'm going to consciously try to use up a lipstick or blusher, with the aim of having an empty pot and tube as soon as possible! Almost like the total opposite now; a race backwards. What's the worst that can happen? The truth is the rate of buying makeup is exceeding the rate I use it up so I can just balance it out haha.

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