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Nails Of The Week 24: Nude Sparkles

Oooo I got my nails did! I just googled a picture of this polish and I found one of my own from a few years ago when I did some crazyyy nails with this colour! It's called Linen by W7 and it's a creamy white with a hint of pink. When I first had it applied at the salon I worried it looked like a dirty white but in daylight it has milky, nude tones, which are super chic. I have a couple of W7 polishes and they have the best colours.

I fancied a bit of bling and actually did these on the train to Manchester on Friday! The guy next to me probably thought I was crazy but one nail doesn't take very long. I realised that the gems and glue would be more effective if the surface was rough so I filed the nail a little so make it less smooth. I'm quite tempted to do a few more nails for the weekend, and of course fashion week is coming up! I've decided my outfit (mostly Motel of course!) and am rather looking forward to hitting the cobbles of Somerset House!

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