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London Fashion Week AW13

Nails Of The Week 25: Celestial

I was hoping Topshop's Celestial would be like Essie's Lapis of Luxury, which Rihanna wore in her What's My Name video, but it seems even better! It's a bright, clear sky blue and very opaque so it looks almost gummy. I love 'unnatural' colours on nails like green, blue and purple as they stand out the most. I really wanted rounded nails again even though they don't wear very well and can look quite messy when they grow out a little. I went to the nail salon on the evening before Valentine's day though so it was too busy to ask for anything time consuming, although a girl next to me had some amazing pointed nude nails. She asked for designs on her index fingers of a gun and a knife and the nail technician was so confused haha! Definitely Valentine's appropriate?!

I only have a couple of Topshop polishes but their colours are so deep and opaque that I'll make a beeline for more if there is a specific shade I am craving. I might jazz these up with some 3D gems this week if I get bored.

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