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Nails Of The Week 28: Hyper Bright Pom Pom

Bring Me Sunshine

The photo of these shorts has been circulating on Tumblr for a few days and they have been tracked down to a new American Apparel pair. Hello beauties! I don't have a particularly short body and I have a definite booty so high waisted things never sit very high on me, but American Apparel has the highest of high waisted bottoms out there. My Riding Pants definitely hit above my belly button! So I'm hoping these Bull Shorts will have a great fit and I love the chunky cuff too. 

For some reason I've gone off skirts for the moment as dare I say it, I'm swaying from my girly looks to something hopefully a little more chic and grown up! Still of course with some nail gems and sugary phone cases thrown in, but a little more streamlined maybe. We'll see! I'm not wearing my skater skirts mostly because I'm not a fan of tights in spring and at the moment it's too chilly to go bare legged. At the moment I'm living in high waisted jeggings and I would only wear these shorts with bare legs too, but next week a heat wave is coming right?! We'll also see! Motel shorts are pretty high waisted too but I think American Apparel go the each inch, and it's one of those shops where everything fits me. I don't have as much luck with Arcadia!

I was told there is a 20% off night in the Bristol AA store on Friday when I was in there this Saturday comparing Topshop's Joni Jeans with their Easy Jean, but I was planning on travelling home straight from work. I will wait to see if AA will release an online code for the bank holiday and maybe snap them up then after payday! I know they will be fab quality and these are the only things on my fashion wishlist at the moment!
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