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Nails Of The Week 28: Hyper Bright Pom Pom

Nails of the week, nailssss of the weeeek! Nailsoftheweek! Working on that theme tune guys! The only way to photograph this nail colour was in the blinding Saturday sunlight as W.I.P 's Pom Pom is neon. It is a very 80's pink with a coral tone and I love it on pointed nails. No matter how long they are, pointed nails never feel long. How long can I go?! I got this polish at Urban Outfitters and it was one of those colours that was just the perfect shade. Sometimes you go to the salon with 100 colours and not one single shade is just quite right so it is best to invest in your cult favourites and take one along.

I had to include this beautiful butterfly I spotted when taking this photo too - spring is here! Bring it on! I visited home this weekend and hung out with my sister too, and I took my nan to bingo where I won £10! Maybe I should invest that in a new makeup treat; watch this space.

Bring Me Sunshine

The photo of these shorts has been circulating on Tumblr for a few days and they have been tracked down to a new American Apparel pair. Hello beauties! I don't have a particularly short body and I have a definite booty so high waisted things never sit very high on me, but American Apparel has the highest of high waisted bottoms out there. My Riding Pants definitely hit above my belly button! So I'm hoping these Bull Shorts will have a great fit and I love the chunky cuff too. 

For some reason I've gone off skirts for the moment as dare I say it, I'm swaying from my girly looks to something hopefully a little more chic and grown up! Still of course with some nail gems and sugary phone cases thrown in, but a little more streamlined maybe. We'll see! I'm not wearing my skater skirts mostly because I'm not a fan of tights in spring and at the moment it's too chilly to go bare legged. At the moment I'm living in high waisted jeggings and I would only wear these shorts with bare legs too, but next week a heat wave is coming right?! We'll also see! Motel shorts are pretty high waisted too but I think American Apparel go the each inch, and it's one of those shops where everything fits me. I don't have as much luck with Arcadia!

I was told there is a 20% off night in the Bristol AA store on Friday when I was in there this Saturday comparing Topshop's Joni Jeans with their Easy Jean, but I was planning on travelling home straight from work. I will wait to see if AA will release an online code for the bank holiday and maybe snap them up then after payday! I know they will be fab quality and these are the only things on my fashion wishlist at the moment!

Millie's Style Diary...

It would be fitting that Made in Chelsea is on in the background as I write this post but I'm not actually too much of a die hard fan. I prefer my reality TV a little more tacky but MIC is definite fashion candy and I recently discovered Millie Mackintosh's style blog. I knew Millie has a beauty blog and I'm not must of a luxury beauty buff, but didn't know she posts an outfit shot almost every day and she wears high street! These cute, mini photoshoots showcase lots of River Island, Accessorize and Office, and I think Millie has quite a unique style. With brash slogans, boyish fits and neon prints all over the place right now, Millie's style is chic yet a little hippy, with luxe accessories thrown into the mixed. If these are shot in England, I'm not quite sure it's bare leg weather yet,  but I am definitely inspired to mix fur with denim, add some colourful jewellery, and get my (fake) tanned legs out with heels.

Also super lusting over Millie's holiday style diary - oh how I wish I was going away this year! Don't miss Proudlock's style blog too if you are that way inclined... I'm more of a Spencer fan!

Motel AW13 Press Day!

Hey yall! It's been a long week for me and I am looking forward to a calm weekend which starts NOW! I've been in bed with a cup of tea and my laptop since I woke up (with no alarm, just naturally!) and I'm catching up with lots of Youtube videos and writing this wee blog post for you. On Wednesday I was in London for the Motel AW13 Press Day and we decided to not just invite bloggers but have a special evening preview where we brought in a henna artist and Colour Xtreme for crazy hair dyes!

The press day showcases our future collection to stylists and editors as often they need to create all of the outfits for their autumn projects this early in advance. This is also how soon our designers will create collections and usually they will produce just one real life version of each item they have designed, which are the 'samples' above. Then our merchandisers and buyers decide which will sell the best and order different amounts of each style, and our factories get to work printing and sewing them, maybe with a few tweaks like a new button or bigger zip. Then our photography team will find a bunch of beach babes in Bali for our lookbook and at my office we decide how best to show you all the new trends and prints we have coming up. By now the editors and stylists who saw the items on our press day will be publishing their magazines featuring the items, just in time for them to be delivered to our warehouse so you can buy them from! That's when I come in and share our new things on social media and to bloggers across the world. Phew!

So that is why we have a press day, but also it's a lot of FUN! This season we definitely celebrated the brand as Motel was born in the '90s and our latest collections are heavily influenced by the cult decade. Enter our total time warp with a '90s bedroom set-up complete with a rainbow bed, blow up chair, lava lamp and television set with Spice World: The Movie on repeat! I went slightly retro with the floral Catalina Dress in the new Flower Buzz Print and a silver gem on my face, and dialed a few boys on Dream Phone, which my sister and I loved to play way-back-when! It's like Guess Who but you need to find out which boy fancies you by ringing some up and using the clues they tell you. Each boy comes with a photo and their hairstyles are hilarious!

There were also Rainbow Drops, pic-n-mix and flying saucers (holla!), and I was a bit young back then to appreciate Hooch but I did end the day with a slush puppy! 

As for the clothes, I have to be very careful with Motel as if I like anything, I usually buy it. If I went shopping on the high-street and bought everything I simply liked, I'd be bankrupt! So I need to have the same attitude to Motel and not buy all the things that catch my eye, just going for the favourites only. Things I'm liking are a flash of ethnic prints like the paisley and mandala patterns, in rich colours for autumn time like plum and turquoise.

I wasn't sure I would have time for henna but the lady was super speedy and I got a full hand on the left, with Motel girl Megan's pretty hand on the right. I love it! It could be something you could try yourself as the pattern doesn't have to be perfect, although if you mess up then your hand will be stained so you have to be accurate. The henna artist told me to put Vic's over it at night as it heats up and makes the colour darker so I may do that to prolong the tattoo!

Wishing, Wanting, Wearing

Hi guys! It is Sunday but I have no dreaded Sunday night feeling as I have had a wonderful weekend! After my pampering session on Friday, my friend Ellie came to visit and we had such a lovely day eating a delicious lunch and going to see Spring Breakers with my housemate Georgie. We can safely say it was one of the worst films we have all ever seen but in a hilarious way, and we left feeling really spaced out! We had a drink to enjoy the long day of sunshine and then got ready slowly for a night out with my other housemate Jasmine.

I've been counting down to the weekend also because a few weeks ago I was emailed by Wish Want Wear, the UK's leading website to hire designer dresses. And not just any designers, we are talking Hervé Léger, Matthew Williamson, Bora Aksu and the designer I chose, Jovani. You know I love dressing up for a night out and getting ready is one of my favourite times, especially with friends! Wish Want Wear intrigued me because you can hire designer dresses and simply post your choice back in the prepaid envelope without cleaning it, meaning it's a fuss-free way to get your mitts on dresses I know I will never be able to afford! I had a browse and many dresses are quite formal, but then I spotted THE dress, the Jovani 7757. I recognised this Jovani number from Tumblr posts as it's quite a famous dress, worn by Katy Perry and Paris Hilton! To know I could actually have the dress in my posession was incredible enough without even thinking I could wear it myself!

I took the wonderful Hania of WWW up on the offer of a trial and secured the dress for this weekend. It arrived beautifully packaged to my desk on Thursday and all the girls at the office were shocked, it is SO sparkly! It's just amazing! There are a few layers of a nude coloured mesh so it does have a colour and isn't actually see-through, and it is encrusted in heavy, iridescent jewels and gems. You have the best feeling ever wearing it and it sure turns heads! I was worried it may be delicate but it is so well made and can withstand lots of dancing. It also has built in bra cups too so no need to wear one, and the jewels do cover you substantially so no nudity hehe. Now I just need to send it off in the envelope they sent and that's it, no cleaning or fuss!

I also made a little video and will definitely try to make some outfits of the day now it is lighter in the mornings! Would you rent a dress for a night?

Me Time!

I am in a zone of calm and zen like no other! I have not truly, extravagantly pampered myself in months, maybe even years; no activity has been purely about relaxing and just feeling great. I've done the whole hair wash/buff/tan routine a million times but tonight I took my time and felt like that lady of leisure I wish I was!

I know a lot of bloggers use a pic-n-mix of products but I have a few fail-safe favourites and don't buy more than those. I can't really afford to try products in case I don't like them, but I needed a new conditioner and splashed out on the Lee Stafford conditioner with argan oil. I have a hair mask below already and I prefer serum to oil, so the oil already in with the conditioner seemed a bonus and Lee Stafford was at the Motel Christmas party so I am fond of the brand! His fiancee is the incredibly hot lady from The Real Hustle and I found myself talking to her and wondering how I knew her... I love a celeb spot! 

I went to Boots at lunch today with Lora, my fellow beauty junkie at Motel HQ, and fabulous intern Holly who is always a ray of sunshine in the office. The 3-for-2 deals called us all and the recent VO5 adverts make me seriously want the promised smooth hair, so I got this conditioner in with the deal. Got2b have repackaged their hairspray too and this has been my favourite for years! It smells like raspberries!

The Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm is a repurchase after I used every scrap of the first pot I bought. I was about to buy The Sanctuary HC Cleanser again but I saw Lily review this and it sounded even better. It feels very heavy and thick and I wondered if a parade of spots was on the horizon, but my skin is just as blemish-free as with The Sanctuary cleanser and this gives your skin a serious moisture boost. I don't scrub my face dry with the cloth, I leave a little of the balm on and let it sink in for plump, healthy skin. Your foundation goes on a dream! My skin was calling for this during the colder months so I'm not sure how it will fare if we ever get any sun! Hopefully hydrating my skin with this will mean less oil, not more when the weather gets hotter.

Once a week, if I know I am going to wash my hair that night, I will slather on a generous amount of the Charles Worthington Intense Rescue Melting Balm from root to tip as soon as I get home (I don't get oily hair so the roots are fine). By the time I come to wash my hair, it has soaked in and you barely need conditioner. It works! My hair is definitely much softer and more hydrated, and I haven't had a trim since October and my hair still looks fine!

If I'm feeling fancy but want ultimate calm, I love this Seascape body butter that absolutely radiates the most natural lavender smell, like your are rubbing yourself with the real thing. It is rich but spreads evenly and lightly and I like just how white it is, adding to the fresh, clean vibes. If I am tanning, I'll just use this on my ankles, elbows, knees and wrists. Lush!

As I am doing some serious eBaying at the moment, I impulsed one night on the cult Crest White Strips and can confirm they really do work! They are just little stickers covered in a thin layer of gel and you put them over your top and bottom teeth, then whip them off 30 minutes later! Your teeth instantly look smooth and bright, and a few uses make a noticeable difference.

A bath is the ultimate luxury for me as I never have any time and I find the water has to be just the right temperature so you don't feel freezing when you get out! Sometimes I get too hot in baths and it's not fun anymore, just humid! I had The Enchanter bath bomb from Lush sitting pretty for a while on my shelf and today was the day to bust it out in all its citrus glory. The pink centre is the nicest surprise!

All of this pampering was not in vain as one of my bezzies is coming to visit tomorrow and I wanted to kick off the weekend with a girly night of treats. Now I feel a hundred bucks!

Nails Of The Week 27: White

Nails of the weeeeeeEEEEk! If there was ever a nail theme tune, these blog posts need it. I've got the nail bug again and there is something that just feels right about dressing up your hands as you use them so much of course. On your phone, tapping at a keyboard or munching on lunch, it always brightens your mood a little when you catch sight of lovely nails. I'm a fan of over-the-top glitz and everything cute so I do jazz mine up a little, and now loads of salons offer bigger gems and bows.


I have got a shoe box full of bows, studs and miniature decals (and considering how small they individually are, that's a lot!) and would probably start taking my own into the nail salon as they charge £1/2 per bow when 100 would only be around £3 on eBay! The guy who did my nails stuck these bows on with acrylic solution so I might try that next time I DIY it as it is much stronger than the false nail glue I usually use.


I got these nails done at home in Birmingham and they were super cheap but not the best finish. I've decided white nails are best on square tips and I'm not sure quite which colour I want next. Maybe neon! The cat liked then though.