Bring Me Sunshine
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Nails Of The Week 28: Hyper Bright Pom Pom

Nails of the week, nailssss of the weeeek! Nailsoftheweek! Working on that theme tune guys! The only way to photograph this nail colour was in the blinding Saturday sunlight as W.I.P 's Pom Pom is neon. It is a very 80's pink with a coral tone and I love it on pointed nails. No matter how long they are, pointed nails never feel long. How long can I go?! I got this polish at Urban Outfitters and it was one of those colours that was just the perfect shade. Sometimes you go to the salon with 100 colours and not one single shade is just quite right so it is best to invest in your cult favourites and take one along.

I had to include this beautiful butterfly I spotted when taking this photo too - spring is here! Bring it on! I visited home this weekend and hung out with my sister too, and I took my nan to bingo where I won £10! Maybe I should invest that in a new makeup treat; watch this space.

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