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Rip Roar

My denim obsession continues and I am now after the perfect pair of ripped jeans. I want them super shredded with multiple white frayed pieces and I'm not sure of the fit; I don't know if boyfriend jeans are for me but I'm willing to try. I'd rather have something tighter at the top and the legs can be a little less fitted, and then rolled up at the ankles with pointed ankle strap heels. I've been collecting images on my Tumblr for a few weeks but haven't heard anything on the grapevine about a shop selling the perfect pair, do you know any?

Of course this is a DIY challenge but I don't have any jeans I could do this to as I want them in a light denim, and any old jeans I have I pass on to my sister or sell on. I will try charity shops as a Plan B but so far Plan A has been ordering the Missguided pair below. They're not quite right as they have no stretch so they are more of a stiff cloth rather than a denim, and they're too small so I think the larger size might be too big! Or I'll sit down and rip them as they have no give haha! There is a definite fine line between shredded jeans from 2003 and shredded jeans from 2013 so I'll keep hunting and maybe settle for some with slashes at the knees only. This pair are almost right but maybe I'll hold out hope for 100% right!

Dungaree Days


I can definitely feel a rise in temperature this week, although those heatwave outfits still remain in my wardrobe. A burst of summer would be heavenly but I think you can dress for these cloudy days by going a bit boyish. Rather than pairing your pretty summer dresses with dark black tights, I wear high waisted jeggings, Riding Pants and even chic jogging bottoms! I don't like wearing skirts that flip up in windy, cold weather, but maybe an alternative are my new Motel Demi Dungarees! I got these in a sample sale as I don't think this dark blue will be produced for the website, but there is a lighter blue, the cult paisley and a sweet acid wash pair which I rather like too. Light denim is on my love list right now! 



I rarely buy impulsive things nowadays but this pretty crochet top from New Look caught my eye and I know it will go with everything. It actually has a centred dipped hem at the front and back which you can't quite see but it will surely be worn many times this summer. I think crop tops and dungarees are a match made in heaven as a flash of skin can take away the childishness of the dungarees.



My nails are Barry M's Blueberry at the moment which I hoped would be like Essie's Lapis of Luxury but as you can see, it's definitely not a pastel shade. I'm going to paint them nude myself this week as I don't want to go to the salon again before pay day comes, and I don't mind bright blue! It reminds me of the blue skies we sadly aren't seeing at the moment!


A Quest For Lazer

Hey guys! Hmm I'm not sure where to start with catching up with you, I've had a few weeks of busy, busy weekends and busy, busy weekdays. By busy, I mean travelling lots to see family and friends and then keeping all of you fashion shoppers stocked with the latest Motel offerings. In my eyes there's always something productive to do so you won't often find me without a to-do list, and in the past few weeks I've continued to eBay like crazy too. I've made a tidy sum to save for a rainy day so the lengthy uploading process and lunch time trips to the post office do pay off.

I'm hoping I'll have more exciting outfits to share when the weather heats up, but right now we are stalling through a chilly spring and I have stayed true to my spring-means-trousers habit. I think I tend to always go for trousers during this time of year because I don't like to wear black tights when the days are light and breezy, and it's definitely not time to get your legs out yet. Enter my new Topshop joggers, which I actually got on eBay for £6. I was hunting some 'smart' joggers for a few weeks and Topshop only had pairs with graffiti prints, but some searching on good old eBay lead me to these. 

I had so many outfits in mind when pairing these with my ASOS ankle strap nude shoes. I've worn them SO much, literally every day to work, as they add a totally chic twist to every outfit. Kitten heels may be small but they make as much of an impact as towering heels do. They also feel very grown up and ladylike! 

I'm also still chuffed with the Zara lazer leather sweater I managed to find in the Birmingham store. I don't really shop a lot nowadays as I had a much larger disposable income when I was a student, but I am a lucky shopper and always seem to find popular, sell-out items. There are so many things to love about this sweater, from the faux leather applique front to the quilted sleeves to the sheer back panel. It's also the easiest thing to quickly throw on but will look eternally chic, so it's perfect for a grab-and-go outfit that still looks smart. I've streamlined my wardrobe so I can find an outfit in five minutes that will have as much effect as one that was carefully pulled together in twenty minutes by investing in easy pieces like this and not buying filler things like plain leggings or cardigans.

I hope that gives a snapshot of where my wardrobe is in terms of fashion lately; this blog has seen me go through so many different styles and inspirations over the years! You can also see my Tumblr for what I am feeling at the moment but I'm excited to bring more real-time outfits to this blog soon... and maybe with some sunshine too!