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Nails Of The Week 29: On Cloud Nine

New Beginnings

I have some exciting news that I am so pleased to share! I am taking the next step in my career and my time at Motel Rocks has came to an end! And hasn't it been a good run (: From a relatively unknown brand, every fashion lover now knows exactly what Motel is all about, and as the person behind the social media handles, competitions and blogger work, it's no wonder the past two years have flown by! I've barely had time to take stock, usually taken on this very blog. I turned my hobby and passion into a job and now I'm entering a new industry that is not actually fashion! Exciting!

Where will all the fashion love go? Hopefully into my own baby, this blog! If you have been a long term reader and have followed my journeys, this one has been a rollercoaster of challenges and I'm so ready for the next. Living as a single person in a city as extortionately expensive as Bristol means I've been working my butt off gaining all the experience I could, but my new role near my home town means I should be more financially better off and not have to travel hours to see my loved ones. I'll be living with my mom in the week and my nan on the weekend, and the thought of actually being able to see my family and friends whenever I want to is the feeling best ever! I think when you start working full time and you realise this means five days a week for 52 weeks a year, you have to work out what makes it all worthwhile. I'm a big believer in taking opportunities and that's why I have all the experiences I do. The next chapter will be about new challenges and skills in my career, personal development (can you believe I can't drive?!), travel, and above all, pouring every ounce of my fashion love into my own blog. Yay! Thank you for all your kind messages too, the amount has been overwhelming and it's been wonderful working with so many fantastic bloggers over the years.

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