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I'll be your American Dream

This post is a few nights merged into one, as I first wore this American Apparel floral dress for a Kendrick Lamar gig when the photo was taken above, and below is a video I filmed before I went on a night out a month later. I bought it after buying a lace dress I wanted for a while online, and when realising AA ships online orders all the way from America, I popped to the shop to buy it myself so I could have it to wear just in time. In the end I tried on this dress instead and walked away with it!

American Apparel clothing always fit my shape for bodycon (Topshop never does!) and I  don't mind spending there because the quality is so long-lasting and the styles will tweak you in at all the right places, plus the colours are spot on. The flowers on this dress are a little '50s but the backless cut brings it right up to date, and I definitely want it in other colours. I tried on the neon yellow and - KAPOW - it was a wonder dress, but heading out in fluorescent bodycon would surely bring you catcalls you would not necessarily need! I'm hopefully about to book a late holiday to Ibiza with my friends so it would be perfect for then; let me know if you spot a 30% off deal from American Apparel any time soon! For reference, I got this dress in a medium and it was still rather form fitting! Size up gals.

Catch up time

Hi guys! I really apologise for my absense for the past few weeks, I'm afraid I have not had internet for a very long time and my laptop has broken, eek! As you know, I recently started a new job back home in Birmingham and I stayed with my nan for a while, which was a little stressful while starting work at a brand new place but very nice to have my breakfast, dinner and washing all done for me! Thanks nan! I will still go there to stay on weekends as I have for my whole life and for now, I'm living with my mom during the week. I am still storing half of my things at my nans so I have to make sure I have everything for the week ahead here, and it's quite a journey to work, but for the first time in a long time, I feel very much at home! As I type this (on my mom's computer) I have a cat sleeping on my lap, so yes, it is definitely home!

I have also not been very well since the weekend when I went to V Festival, which was the sort of amazing, once-in-a-lifetime whirlwind weekend where you take no photos and return as if it were just a dream! I had the sweetest time in front and backstage, dancing around in printed two piece outfits every day. At the start of this year I often wondered if things could feel any worse, but as 2013 came into season, it's been a year of flowering ambitions and incredible happenings so far. I'm spending the Bank Holiday Weekend inside with flu but things have never felt so real.