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I'm in a fashion rabbit hole! Autumn is approaching and I am all over the place! I'm constantly thinking about the direction of my wardrobe and at the moment my new needs are 70% smart work clothes, 20% weekend clothes and 10% night out clothes. The nights out are no problem, I'm alllll about the night out looks, but the work clothing is a whole new territory for me. I'm trying to figure out the balance between something smart and understated, but a look that still has a light injection of my own style. Doing 'a total Zara' would be too extreme and I'm in a more professional setting now so fashion statements are not on the agenda. So I've reached a conclusion: I figure work days can call for simple classics, but otherwise it's my coat, bag and shoes that do the talking, especially during the autumn and winter months.

It's the tricky conundrum of halting my shopping and buying much less really. Rather than cultivating a mixture of looks, I have a capsule work wardrobe with looks that I alternate. This is even harder as you need to buy items that can mix and match easily, and the items must be classic styles that you won't be bored by. This means no cute crop tops or skater skirts - it means quality classics. It's actually quite tricky!

I learnt the rule this year that shoes really do make the outfit, and I wanted some killer ankle boots. I've been stalking Next 2 Nowt which is a discount shoe site that is full of Topshop styles, but they're not actually named as Topshop. It's very obvious they are though! I wanted the Arabel boots and after a few patient weeks, they appeared for half the price and only slightly worn. I'm going to guess the shoes are acquired from an outlet supplier of Topshop but these look practically brand new and feel super clunky and tough - definitely a subtle statement.

I also needed a new bag as mine was getting a little too worn, and I tend to fill up any bag I have to the brim. When I found myself carrying round the kitchen sink, it was time for something small! I missed having a backpack and this snake print zipper bag is just the right size for your makeup bag plus a few items, but not enough for the taps, drainer and sink! I quite like putting it on my back instead of slung over one shoulder, and walking to work in my shirt like I'm off to school!

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