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Motel Rocks Crop Top and High Waist Shorts, New Look sandals, H&M Neck Collar and Arm Cuff

I was all set to whip out my autumn foray yesterday but a rare day of sunshine came upon a Monday and so I put on this two piece for possibly the last time. I am off to France next week for a girly 3-night break where I'm hoping the weather is 25 degrees at least, but our £15 flights only mean hand luggage so I can't over pack! I would like to pack this outfit though as my summer was dominated by co-ordinating two-pieces and there is nothing more fun to wear! With the confidence of a two piece suit but the fun of a printed playsuit, there's something about a matching top and shorts that feels wonderful. The Motel paisley print was one print I couldn't miss and I'm a big fan of blue with my redder hair. This was one of my V Festival outfits when I saw Beyonce and I hope I'll be wearing it again next summer too!

Autumn Bloom

Hey pudding! A few small yet great things have happened today which makes it extra sweet to be blogging about a dress that causes a swoon at every glance. I finished a book I really loved, I found tickets to a sold out show I really wanted to go to and I'm really looking forward to the weekend as I booked Friday afternoon off work! I am maid of honour for my oldest friend so I have planned lots of fun games and presents for the hen do on Saturday, and I have a new white dress in the post so I hope it fits when it arrives!


A soft babydoll dress always has a place on my wishlist and this mini floral dress has the most vibrant yet dreamy print and heavy gathers at the sides so it sits in a strong trapeze style - a classic smock shape. I've also been hunting matte black heels that are super strappy and strong, and these platforms from Bank here have thick, statement straps but the added platform to elongate your legs to the sky. Also scheduled to be teamed with my smallest, cutout dresses at night to toughen them up a little.



I've never had a problem walking in heels and I don't think I have ever taken mine off at the end of a night! Maybe it is because I did ballet dancing for many years but I do generally wear platforms and they keep me dancing all night.


Nails of the Week 30: Red, White & Blue

I have made the return to square nails after a season of claws and I'm quite liking it so far. The problem with spiked nails is that they get increasingly round as you type on your keyboard and go about your day, so after a week they are oval and uneven. Square nails at least stay generally square and grow out evenly, and certain colours look better on square tips.

I've been considering matte red nails for a while but many polishes are pink toned or too bright and 80's. The red must be a little retro. I mixed a few colours at the salon to get this red and then used Rimmel Matte Topcoat over the top. I should really add a matte red lip but I have a fear of red lips. Unless I had a hand mirror in my palm every 10 minutes, I would be sure to have it smudged across my face or fading away in patches. Maybe time to face the fear!

Last of the Summer Dresses

Welcome to my mom's garden! Now this is the blogger background of my six year blogging dreams and I've reached out a tentative hand to my old tripod. I don't really feel like I show my up-to-date outfits on my blog so I'm going to revive a real life log of my real time wardrobe and have here as my diary again. As here is the only place to fill with my thoughts of fashion, it really feels like home again!

This denim dress was the last thing I got in a Motel sample sale before I started my new job and I haven't bought anything from there again just yet as sadly I can't wear short things to work now haha! But there's something about babydoll styles that feel light and flirty but too doll-like to make up for the super short length. Not many items can just be slipped over your head and you're good to go. And that's exactly what I did after I took these photos when I laced up my trainers instead and went to McDonalds! Glamour not so much, but this is a real life wardrobe now after all!

Make Up Lust

I'm getting back into makeup quite seriously at the moment. I can't really be too experimental with my clothes so makeup is on the agenda. I had almost a year of 'using up what I have' and since I dyed my hair a darker red, I've had to look into different shades and styles. I'm still a very firm fan of MAC makeovers and I only invest in new things once they have been chosen by a professional, even if MAC faces can be very heavy and 'done'. A look I personally love!! Remember you spend £30 on a makeover but then you can claim £30 off any products.

Right now my obsessions are clear, glowing skin, plump, nude lips and arched brows. Over the summer I was trying to channel my inner Victoria Secret model and I had a MAC makeover before a gig. A gig might seem a strange occasion but sometimes I have makeovers when I know I'm going to spend £30 in store in the near future anyway, and a gig actually has more promise than a night out because you know you're going to see someone you love perform, rather than go to a club that could turn out a bit lifeless. Gigs are the new clubs for sure and it was a Kendrick Lamar gig by the way! I had one of the most tanned faces I've had at this particular makeover but the look was freshened with the shimmery, pearlescent pink beauty that is Lust MSF. Mineralised Skin Finish powders are known for being swirls of glitter goodness and this one adds a flush of an angel. Pair with a twinkle in your eye and let your cheekbones do the talking.

Fashion Fate: Aztec Check Cape

It's that annoying time of year where it's 24 degrees today, 14 degrees tomorrow (true story). I'm on the hunt for a jacket or coat to see me through until around November when it actually gets cold, but at the moment I'm finding nada in the shops. A few jackets here and there but nothing you can throw on, snuggle in and wrap tighter when the autumn wind is chilly. However I stopped off in Tesco for a treat dinner as my mom was seeing a friend (yay home cooked meals!) and saw this blanket cape. In Tesco!! Ah Tesco, thank you for making such a full, richly printed cape with a super fluffy detachable collar for just £20. This should see me through frosty mornings and quick journeys until winter kicks in.

All Access-ories

I'm in a fashion rabbit hole! Autumn is approaching and I am all over the place! I'm constantly thinking about the direction of my wardrobe and at the moment my new needs are 70% smart work clothes, 20% weekend clothes and 10% night out clothes. The nights out are no problem, I'm alllll about the night out looks, but the work clothing is a whole new territory for me. I'm trying to figure out the balance between something smart and understated, but a look that still has a light injection of my own style. Doing 'a total Zara' would be too extreme and I'm in a more professional setting now so fashion statements are not on the agenda. So I've reached a conclusion: I figure work days can call for simple classics, but otherwise it's my coat, bag and shoes that do the talking, especially during the autumn and winter months.

It's the tricky conundrum of halting my shopping and buying much less really. Rather than cultivating a mixture of looks, I have a capsule work wardrobe with looks that I alternate. This is even harder as you need to buy items that can mix and match easily, and the items must be classic styles that you won't be bored by. This means no cute crop tops or skater skirts - it means quality classics. It's actually quite tricky!

I learnt the rule this year that shoes really do make the outfit, and I wanted some killer ankle boots. I've been stalking Next 2 Nowt which is a discount shoe site that is full of Topshop styles, but they're not actually named as Topshop. It's very obvious they are though! I wanted the Arabel boots and after a few patient weeks, they appeared for half the price and only slightly worn. I'm going to guess the shoes are acquired from an outlet supplier of Topshop but these look practically brand new and feel super clunky and tough - definitely a subtle statement.

I also needed a new bag as mine was getting a little too worn, and I tend to fill up any bag I have to the brim. When I found myself carrying round the kitchen sink, it was time for something small! I missed having a backpack and this snake print zipper bag is just the right size for your makeup bag plus a few items, but not enough for the taps, drainer and sink! I quite like putting it on my back instead of slung over one shoulder, and walking to work in my shirt like I'm off to school!

Liberty Love: NIKEiD

Aloha lovers. I say lovers because this post will be all about love and loving and lovers as I am having an affair with a pair of shoes. I paid the big bucks and got Nike iD Air Max and it's been true love ever since!

So my fashion circumstances changed recently with my new job as there is an office dress code, whereas before I could wear literally anything any day of the week. Now the weekend is my time to wear what I like, but not the time to bust out your most chic, killer outfit as you want to chill and go with the flow. It's the weekend baby! So I made an investment in some trainers that a) I can wear on the weekend and be super comfortable but stay looking sweet and b) I can also wear them to the gym, which I just joined and oh my, it is tough but feels great. That's another post for another time (or best left in the gym!) and so, rather than buying another pair of flats, I got the ultimate Nikes.

I stalked eBay for weeks, I plotted and planned, and I shopped every available style, but there weren't any trainer prints or patterns that were just right, as Goldilocks may say. Nike iD is the way to go as you design your own trainers and they are custom made to order for you. You pay the price but I found a picture of Liberty Pepper Print sneaks that sold out a while ago, and of course I wanted those. I couldn't find them anywhere so I just recreated the design!

Receiving the emails at each point of the creation process was a huge teaser and in a month the postman brought these brand new puppies into my life! Air Max are light and bouncy and elevate your feet nicely so you can show them off and flaunt your ankles. As a long-time wearer of flats, the hours of comfortable walking (shopping) is like heaven. Even my nan loved them, and I trotted off for their first outing, saying RIP to the pristine lilac soles. I got compliments in shops, in the street, through a Starbucks window, and a boy even fell of his bike doing a U-turn to shout 'Nice trainers!' while I was at a bus stop! A lady stopped me on a bridge and said 'Congratulations' as though I had just had a baby! This new world of trainers is a delight to behold, especially since I have taken the girliest step into it that I could! As the most timeless things I ever bought, I paid the high price tag since I can wear these to infinity. My pride and joy, welcome to the world! I definitely recommend saving for the kicks of your dreams too. You won't look back!