Last of the Summer Dresses
Autumn Bloom

Nails of the Week 30: Red, White & Blue

I have made the return to square nails after a season of claws and I'm quite liking it so far. The problem with spiked nails is that they get increasingly round as you type on your keyboard and go about your day, so after a week they are oval and uneven. Square nails at least stay generally square and grow out evenly, and certain colours look better on square tips.

I've been considering matte red nails for a while but many polishes are pink toned or too bright and 80's. The red must be a little retro. I mixed a few colours at the salon to get this red and then used Rimmel Matte Topcoat over the top. I should really add a matte red lip but I have a fear of red lips. Unless I had a hand mirror in my palm every 10 minutes, I would be sure to have it smudged across my face or fading away in patches. Maybe time to face the fear!

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