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Bubble Tea Meets

Hi guys! I've had a few days away from this blawg which consisted of going to a blogger meet up, completing my maid of honour duties at a hen do and finalising my plans to move house! If we chat in chronological order, a few weeks ago I tweeted that I was looking for some new blogs to read and spoke to Cara of super sweet blog Glacial Glow, where I spotted she was organising a Birmingham blogger meet up! After working so many blogger events and barely going to any recently for just myself and my own blog, I was really excited to meet some like-minded bloggers and new people. 

On Saturday I stood at New Street Station and did think the effortlessly cool girl nearby in a great coat with popping red lips may be a blogger, but I was not keen on asking a stranger if they were attending a blogger meet up if they actually weren't and thought I was crazy! It turns out it really was delightful Jess of Jessthetics and we linked up when Cara came in her enchanting doll-like, porcelain beauty, and we know how much I love girly vibes! We had a hunt for the second WHSmith in the station to bump into Elizabeth of new beauty blog MungleVille - go over and show some welcome love! Elizabeth seems the perfect candidate as a beauty blogger because she can size-up and recommend cosmetics perfectly both online and in person, and has the pretty face I certainly would like to see adorned with products I may like to purchase! We were expecting a few more people but as with many meet ups, people may be nervous or a bit flaky, so we went off to Café Chino in Arcadian for some bubble tea and cake!

Yum! If I am around town I will definitely stop by for a bubble tea, and I think I prefer mine warm without the pearls. We were all set with tea and cake and my talented friend Leah came; a blogger I've known for many years now and always a source for inspiration, wisdom and awesome charity shop finds, including some Luella jeans that looked beyond fantastic.

As we nibbled, we chatted blogging, feminism, various highlights and crazies of the Midlands, and it really is a hive of inspiring thoughts when chatting with ladies with something to share with the world. I do think surrounding yourself with different and diverse people who have goals and dreams really does enhance your own, and I'm sure we will meet again soon!

Sadly I had to rush off soon after our lunch as it was the hen night of my oldest and dear friend, where I will be a bridesmaid in November! I wish I had taken a photo of the treats I had prepared, which included some flash cards of funny questions about her, tiaras, glowsticks, wine jelly, a 'Guess the Groom' game with various celeb grooms in envelopes, a pass the parcel, VIP passes, and a selection of dares that possibly weren't appropriate for her grandma to pick out! I really enjoyed the DIY aspect as I was browsing Pinterest all week, so I will certainly look into more fun and inexpensive wedding ideas to make her day even more special.

I stayed at my nan's house but I thought I would post these photos anyway as I am loving my new Motel Rocks Folly Top in Sun, Moon, Stars, my favourite print in a while! I did actually order the Kimmy Skirt also to wear as a matching two piece but it's really slimming for some reason, maybe due to the dark colour and large print, and I didn't really look like myself! The shape of the top is really chic though, with a high neckline and strappy open back. It will be my go-to top for weekends under a few layers! I also made a quick OOTD video to see the outfit in more detail. Loving blogging and vlogging again!

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