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French Fancies: Bioderma Buys

I have just returned from a few days in France and like everything this year, it went so fast! You spend all week wishing for the weekend and the days just fly by, and this holiday was no different. I will go into the trip details when I have gathered all the photos from friends and chose the best to show you but these items are the only things I bought. The whole trip was on a budget as the flights were £15 and we stayed in a budget hotel, so shopping wasn't really the point. The point was to party!

We travelled via Ryanair which is super cheap and cheerful, especially at 5am in the morning, and only allows 10kg hand luggage, which isn't much. Security restrictions of 100ml liquids also mean I couldn't buy or take anything large, which had my friends and I squeezing all of our makeup, products and perfume into one teeny clear bag each. I visited a French pharmacy though and spotted these baby Biodermas; they are so cute! The perfect way to try the toner without splashing out on an online order. I heard they stocked it at the Birmingham Boots store but I didn't find any and I have just ran out of my Superdrug B. Micellar water. A sweet daily reminder of my holiday and hopefully I will like it as much as every beauty blogger I read!

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