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Nails of the Week 32: I Heart You

Wow the Christmas season is coming around FAST and I'm gearing up for a few big weeks. Usually Christmas in retail is extremely hectic but the industry I work in now is a little more even across the year, so I'm going to look forward to the parties, the festivities and the food! I literally cannot wait for all the food, especially since moving out of my mom's and fending for myself in the kitchen again. I'm certainly not a talented cook!

Last year I had festive Christmas nails, and that literally feels like yesterday! I fancy a metallic blue or red for December but this month I was inspired by Effie's Makeup Box and took a screen shot of her Henry Holland-esque nails to the salon. It sure is crazy that nails in Bristol cost £40 while in Birmingham they cost only £20, and the technician just did the rounded hearts freehand, without a stencil. They are so fun! I put a picture on Instagram and it got tonnes of likes which made my day, and also they aren't too in-your-face as they are black, so not overly inappropriate for work environments. 

Outfit Of The Night: Subtle Shades

I've only been out once in November so far and I was so ready to open a bottle of wine with my friends and get dressed up. I love spending the day chilling and then hitting that time where you can start your makeup and hair and whip out a dress that always feels great. If I could wear any outfits all the time, it would be night time outfits!

I often buy new dresses for nights but tend to sell them on eBay just as quickly, so I have a few in rotation and try not to wear the same with the same group of friends very often at all. I got my Motel Deborah Dress as my first foray into off shoulder styles over a year ago and it's the ultimate LBD with an extra edge. Widening the shoulders also makes your waist seem smaller too; always good. With a simple dress, I usually add smokey brown eyes and a light lip so the look really is all about silhouettes and contours and nudes, rather than statement colours. I'm much more likely to add a bolder eye or lip if I'm wearing a colourful dress, which isn't a regular occurrence!

Angel Eyes

Hi guys, I hope your week has started very well and you are wrapped up from the cold! I've multiplied my layers and added jumpers to my work blouses, really feeling the harsh chill on my comute. Since working in a different industry to fashion, I have to dress smarter overall and have found my look can be more influential of my age and professionalism, rather than my fashion sense. It's less about wearing the latest trends or showcasing your sense of style, and more about using clothes to put across your work persona. I never considered I look particularly young before but after a few people asking if this is my first job out of university, which it certainly is not, I've been thinking about how I can look not necessarily older, but more serious and smart.

Wearing glasses is an easy way to appear more professional and My Optique offered for me to try out their new London Retro glasses collection, wonderful! Sartorial and metropolitan, with ounces of retro features, the shapes and colours of the frames add a little flare to an otherwise serious pair. Exactly the look I am going for. I had a free eye test with work and simply entered my prescription online and in a few days received my chosen Angel frames. Oval yet elongated shaped frames suit my square face and the gold metal accents add a little detail for a preppy feel. The matte black makes them feel higher quality than my usual plastic pairs, and the anti-reflective lenses are perfect for a screen-addict like me who has to wear glasses for computer use and reading, which is basically all I ever do during the week. Now I'm looking forward to the winter sales, hoping to find some structured arm candy and a chunky, masculine watch.

Skort Tart

I was having a Missguided browse and among a few bodycon dresses as weekend potentials, I added this skort to my basket. I wasn't too taken with this trend in the beginning as I didn't have anywhere to wear something so short and found the white skorts looked a bit like a paper bag on me. However this tartan cutie is a chic way to wear checks and the black in the print welcomes black tights when the seasons change for good. I really liked the navy and green versions but they didn't have my size, and the red and black was a more casual approach.
'Fraid to say sadly I don't have my mom's garden to take photos in now, so I will be getting crafty in my new area looking for walls, fences and doors. Or some daylight would be good; we are back to leaving the house in the dark and arriving home in the dark, right! I'm ready for those cosy nights though, and really want a fur hat!