Outfit Of The Night: Ruby Red
Lead the Way

Remarkable Sparkles

Season's greetings everyone! I hope you are positively glowing with Christmas spirit and all of the new beauty products Santa left under your tree! I think the highlight of my day was the most scrumptious dinner I've had all year and some smellies I can't wait to share a shower with.

I'm backtracking a little though to a few days before Christmas where I had my work 'do and a few nights out with my best girls. I have spent most of the year perfecting a look that says 'I may look like this every day too' with copious amounts of makeup and tan, but Christmas is the time to make the boldest statement, especially with sequins! I wore this Motel sparkling super dress; a glitter bomb of iridescent purples, blues and greens. 

The off shoulder style added a little more wearability for me so the sequins weren't too overloaded, especially as the sleeves make the sequin statement too. A smokey eye and glossy lip is a heavenly match!

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