Nails of the Week 32: I Heart You
Party Time Chapter 2

Party Time Chapter 1

Living for the weekend is certainly something I do, filling my calendar with concerts and girly nights. If you have nothing to look forward to, the weeks sure go slowly! I have not been in the shops hunting for new party outfits although I have a few dresses flying high on my wishlist that I have spotted online. Do I wear something I already have or buy something new? My argument is if I buy something new I can always resell it... not the best analogy for my savings!

So I have picked out a few items that I definitely have on my agenda this season. There are quite a few so I will space them out across the week and by the end I know I will be so ready to begin the party season. First up is this Miss Selfridge fluffy bag, which I actually got earlier this year. I had another fluffy bag a few years ago too as I love fur textures, but I have yet to take this one out as it is SO FLUFFY! It's a gorgeous lavender, nude colour and may look like a small animal being carried under my arm, but it definitely adds something new to an outfit. Fur is an alternative to sequins for the most glamorous month of the year, and will add that grown up touch that I definitely need to explore now that I am almost in the year I turn 25, eeek! How did that happen?!

This bag isn't sold anymore but Topshop have a few fur offerings and I could definitely imagine this River Island fur backpack sitting on my lap on the train to work. A few years ago fur wasn't a common fabric unless it was a vintage coat so I'm loving the texture now in daily life.

My next MUST have are lashes, and when I say must, I mean must. My makeup just doesn't look right without lashes, and I don't feel like I'm really making the most of the night without a fluttering pair. My signature 202 Eylure Double Lashes are now around £7.50 in shops which is eye-wateringly expensive for something that you stick on your face, but I've found my local bargain Savers store has a selection of Eylure lashes for sale, and I found this top-and-bottom pair for a mere £1.99. Lower lashes is definitely something I'm looking forward to trying wish a shimmering champagne eye, bronze blush and a deep rose lip. Eylure lashes are by far the best out there because the strip is super thin, so they can sit very close to your lash-line without pinging off. See you tomorrow for the next post!

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