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The weekend is approaching! I can certainly feel it but I can also feel a few more days of hard work too. I'm working on a few projects that involve giant chocolate snowmen amongst other things, and I do like to work super hard in the week in order to have a totally refreshing weekend. I'm going to the Clothes Show which should be extra fantastic and I'm hopefully off out on the town too. Shock horror though, I don't have an outfit in mind yet, and it's definitely too far into winter to be wearing anything sleeveless, which eliminates 50% of my options. Hmm we'll see! I have a few in mind of course.

As for something I know I will be doing is having a Friday night pamper session and applying copious amounts of fake tan, amongst even more other things. When wearing lots of makeup I like to be a warmer shade, and no one wants an orange face and light body! My tan of choice at the moment is St. Tropez though, which many would consider quite light. It gives you a nice sun-kissed glow without any red or green tints. Now that sounds bizarre, but tan enthusiasts will know what I mean! My MAC Lust MSF that I have blogged about previously adds that Victoria Secret-style flush too, with rosy, shimmering cheekbones. I've gone off bright blush for daytime but at night I make sure it is rich, popping, and sets off a dark smokey eye.

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