Lisbon Love: Missguided
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Lisbon Love: Topshop

Hey guys! I posted one holiday outfit last night but realised I didn't really give all the gossip and happenings while I was away!

We had afternoon flights which are quite rare for Ryan Air deals, so got to Lisbon in the evening and found our way to the apartment of dreams. Waterfall shower, a bath you could swim in, huge went so I was not hitting the bubbles straight away, but we chose our beds, ventured down the mosaic streets to shops to pick up vital snacks and drinks, and managed to have a nap before strutting out for night number one. The great thing about some Euro countries is the clubs don't really get going until after 2am, so it really felt like we were taking our time to get ready, although we didn't know what to expect. We were near an area of bars called Bairro Alto and planned to visit there first to see what was happening on a Wednesday night. I was so ready to wear my new Topshop two piece set which ended up being an expensive £70 when bought together. I can wear the items separately though and they wont be going out of season because palms are such a cult print, plus a high rise crop top is everything and anything I want right now! Justifed?

All dressed up, we navigated a cab to the bars and true to our usual travels, we were totally ovedressed. Well maybe overdressed isn't the word as we were fine as dressing up goes, but we found that students abroad are very casual, and so a bunch of girls carefully treading the cobble stones in our best mini dresses and heels while other party-goes were in coats and jeans means heads are turned! We fended off a few groups of boys saying things we didn't understand anyway and found a bargain bar to sample the cocktails. There were only a few others in there and one of the most beautiful boys we had ever seen. It was literally a case of 'That boy is soooo pretty' and taking a sly selfie with him in the frame, even though he was potentially a teen haha! Never the less, we got talking to their group and they said we had to go to Urban Beach - literally a club on a beach. This was music to our ears, coming from the most central city of England.

A few shared cocktail jugs later, we hopped in another cab to the mysterious club and found a sea of hanging lights dotted across a beach, with a huge decked walk way onto the sand. Just being at a beach is novelty enough so the twinkling lights were shining beautifully and we walked down the path to a huge, contemporary open space. In Lisbon the clubs will charge around 8 Euro entry, but this is already loaded onto a payment card which you can spend the entry price on a drink. All of your spend across the night is done on your card, and then you pay it off before you leave. This would just be lethal in the UK because having a free reign to buy as many drinks as possible before paying would certainly be abused! But we were chuffed we didn't have to technically pay entry, and somehow swanned into the VIP area. We were soon removed from the VIP area once realised we were random crashers haha, and partied into the wee hours. Even the post-club takeaway stand was a range of barbequed wraps and fresh salads! We actually went back to this club on the third night too as two friends came out later in the holiday and it had to be seen.

I quite like wearing shorts to dance as a slim-fitting dress can often mean you need to keep in check that it hasn't rode up! I am definitely looking towards summer with this two piece and might wear it out on the town once more and then in the summer daytime with white chunky sandals. I think they are the shoes of the summer but I'm holding out for a few months until it really gets sunny, as in the mean time I can't wear open shoes at work due to the smart dress code.

I'm also tentatively looking into getting a great camera as I find it imposible to show how any outfits really do look! I'm thinking a Nikon D3200 or 5100 with the flip out part! If you are a camera whizz, do let me know!

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