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The Oasis Draped Coat

Oasis Coat, Topshop Jumper, River Island Jeans, New Look heels via ASOS

This is what I wore to my mom's ouse for Mother's Day and I really wanted to share my new Oasis coat as I've had it for a month but the magic hasn't worn off! I invested in a River Island embellished parka with a fur lining for winter as I have a good walk from the train station to my office. As soon as it hits around February though, winter coats feel extra dark and heavy and I had a more glamorous coat in my mind. I toyed with a pink coat for a long time and held out for maybe a lilac one, but nowhere really offered the tones I was after, so I started hunting for a camel coat. There's something luxe about nudes and the oversized, belted coats on the catwalk gave me dreams of Celine.

Fast forward a few weeks where I started buying a few new bits for my work wardrobe, and I wandered into Oasis to take a peek. Their lilac coat is a beautiful colour but it was the shapes of their camel coats that saw me grabbing five different tones and lengths. You know when you can't decide between a few similar things and you end up trying each over and over? Well I couldn't pick between this light colour and a true camel colour, but the lovely sales assistant suggested this colour was more suited for spring. I was talked into signing up for an Oasis card (which I proptly cancelled) so I saved 15%, so it wasn't too harsh on the bank balance and I'm sure I can wear it into the autumn too!

I got this coat in a size Large and have rolled up the sleeves, as you really can wrap it round so it has an oversized, cocoon fit. Sort of like a fancy dressing gown! Wearing it open means it falls beautifully but I'm not much of a fan of hanging clothes - hence why I don't wear necklaces or bracelets either! I have an all nude outfit in my mind for evenings but have yet to find the right items, but for now this coat makes me feel that little bit smarter with little effort. I took the photos below after work when I had a half day and headed to London fo a TGT concert - soon! These pink trousers are my new work favourites as they have a blushed, lilac tint and the fabric is a little embellished. I'm definitely after the matching jacket but I'm hoping it will go into a sale!

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