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A Wireless Wardrobe Countdown

Hi guys, welcome to a new week! I spent the weekend in Sheffield as a random change of scenery with a few friends and it was fab! Just the right size to explore for one afternoon and the night life was made of a few buzzing strips with the bars spilling out into the streets. I'll do a longer outfit post this week!

It's going to be potentially the most hectic few weeks of my year as I'm going to Amsterdam next week as my 4 day 'summer' holiday (1 star all the way!) and before that, I'm going to Wireless Festival this weekend! I've been for the past few years in London, and Wireless is literally my dream festival music-wise, and plus you don't camp overnight in a tent so everyone looks amazing. You can wake up on the day and dress perfectly for the weather forecast - and you can have a shower! I'm extra thrilled it's in Birmingham too this year as it is literally 10 minutes from my house on a bus and I can go home to my own bed (and wardrobe!).

I think Amsterdam will be seriously casual so this week is dedicated to planning Wireless outfits. Looking at the ever changing forecast, it looks to be hot hot hot with maybe a few dotted showers. I can take my bright rain mac and will wear wellies (thanks for the tips Hannah!), but the outfit could be anything! Each year at Wireless, my friends and I have found an awesome spot on the grass at the mainstage and spent the day gossiping, dancing and meeting new people, so your outfit is less about trekking around and can be any sort of style.

For the sake of me only having a few times in my calendar where I can dress in something I love, I want to look slightly different each day! I'm not a mega fan of shorts any more so will not be sporting denim hotpants exactly, but I love a crop top and cute two piece!

For my first outfit I wanted a fresh co-ord, and I wore my palm print two piece from Motel to last year's Wireless. I was considering wearing the same outfit again as the skirt was actually really suited to a festival. It was light, cool, and crucially, it meant ease when balancing over those festival loos! (Wireless has vans of actual real toilets though - win!!)

I spotted this outfit of sunshine though and have refreshed with this absolutely gorgeous lemon stamp set, which literally gives me happiness and life! Yellow is my new favourite colour with my blonde tinted hair and it has just the perfect festival vibes. Motel have a lemon print on a black base too for the more colour-shy (my friends definitely won't loose me!) and I really like the Ballerina body too.

As for the other days, I just don't know! Tonight I'm going to sift through my wardrobe and assess what I have. For one day I'm feeling maybe jeans and a backless body, as the evenings will be cooler and I've never worn jeans before to a festival. Maybe they wouldn't be as appropriate though! I want to look more Iggy Azelia fun than Kate Moss boho. We'll see! Of course I'll be recording said outfits and maybe I'll even do a little vlog!

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