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Going Red To Blonde: Dying my hair!

Right, I'm going to talk about my hur/hayer/HAIR! I'm definitely a hair person, and I know not everyone is. Makeup is almost like an art material or medium, whereas hair seems a little more of a natural subject, and only one part of the many things that make up the definition of you. But my hair has always been on my agenda as I've always had really long, stand-out, super curly hair, and I've been teased, praised, approached, you name it, all because of just my hair. I am very much my hair, yet my hair is a thing all of its own. That sounds crazy but if I sit here and define it, it's true!
I'm definitely coming up to the quarter life crisis that all my friends recently had when they hit 25, and I know where I want to go, but I'm not getting there fast enough! I remind myself not to wish away the present though and I'm looking forward to upcoming things like a mini holiday and summer festivals. I have felt the need a change though, or some sort of transition lately. While I have a more corporate job, I am no fan of corporate dressing, and this is in no way me 'maturing' style-wise, but dying my hair a more natural colour is something fresh and more along the vibes I'm feeling at the moment. I had gone very, very dark red, and was calling for something lighter but still in the red family. I'm not the definition of blonde and I'm not a brunette. I'll always be a redhead! And so the choice was made!
I explained in my last post how I chose my salon as Lisa Shepherd, and the day loomed for my dying. I couldn't WAIT, I was so ready, but was also apprehensive. Would my hair fall out? Would I end up having to go brown first? Would my hair become terrible quality? All of these things associated with bleaching hair must be DIY stories, because I was so glad I went to a salon. It ensured none of these things happened, and if I even imagine myself taking a box of ColourB4 and bleach to my hair, it would have been a disaster!!
I had a few days off work as I'm one of those people who never seem take days off because I don't have a reason (how sad am I!), so I got to the salon at lunch time and my hair was stripped of as much red as possible. The first thing I felt about Lisa Shepherd was that it was so chilled. The room where everything happens is in a cube at the back of the salon, so you do not see people passing or customers popping into the reception, and time goes by without you noticing. It's very comfortable and cool, without being edgy and crisp. Some salons are almost clinical rather than being warm, and I felt at ease at Lisa Shepherd straight away as my stylist Chloe went straight into striping the red. Goodbye red! I had NO idea how this would be and sat in the waiting area (with refreshment and magazine galore) thinking 'Oh my God!'. Then it was washed, dried, and came out as a wishy-washy pink colour. It was dyed an all over colour and washed again to even it out, which was a sandy brown, and then I had a full head of blonde highlights. My hair is so thick, my whole head was weighed down with foils! Five hours later, my hair was washed again and dried, to reveal a caramel/strawberry blonde!
There was no damage, my hair was soft and it didn't even need a trim even! There were some slightly red bits near the front as the red clung on, but these aren't too noticeable and almost add warmer highlights. It totalled £150 in the end which was very well priced considering the other quotes I had but still the most I would ever spend on hair! However I would never have been able to do it myself and I was going to have to do it one day. I'll do a follow up post once I've got used to it and possibly had a few more highlights. Eeek!

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