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Nails of the Week 33: Cornflower Blue


I'm sure you know my day job involves social media, which in my spare time I take more of a laid-back approach to. The irony is that because I work in marketing, I have to keep my personal accounts quite censored! Not that I am up to no good, but if I ever encounter any celebs, have an annoying experience in a shop, or party it up in a club, I should keep that to myself. The same with any industry nowadays, you must be careful what you post online for anyone to see or share. Despite this, I will post whatever I like to wear on this blog and Instagram, even if Monday - Friday I begrudgingly abide to the office dress code; something I will never get used to! Maybe not until I have the budget for Karen Millen rather than H&M anyway. I definitely need some tips on smart-casual!

I tweeted recently that the NARS Laguna bronzer that I splurged on at Christmas had ran out, sad times! Apart from a MAC face powder, this is the only high-end beauty product I have bought in the whole of 2014, which possibly reflect the 'normal working girl's' beauty budget. NARSissist tweeted me back, which A) is very impressive that a brand engages with it's fans, and B) I think it's very cool that NARS has a personality as their social media ambassador, rather than acting as a brand. Sure the NARSissist may never show her face and is possibly five different people, but it's quirky and chic to imagine a mystery woman in a world of NARS heaven. Laguna bronzer was one of my first NARS purchases and forays into bronzers, though I've used other products to contour in the past. Then funnily enough a few weeks later, the NARSissist asked for my home address and sent some items, just as a thank you for being a brand advocate! I've seen a few brands send out gifts to fans, which might spawn repurchase from that one consumer, but I'm sure would be a brand exposure activity rather than a sales tactic. I was ecstatic to receive this bundle of matte black joy and here's a sneak peek at what I got! I saw a few others posting items they had received and they don't seem to be targeted to bloggers, but to fans who interact with the brand to show their appreciation.

I was sent a selection of new Matte Multiples and the 413 BLKR blush, happy days! I wouldn't use the Multiples for lips or eyes as they felt too creamy, despite being matte. They turn to a powder finish once blended and it is SO FUN to draw on your face with the crayons, almost like war paint, before blending.

413 reminds me of my all time favourite First Flush blush by 17, as I prefer popping shades to a soft pink. The stronger the blush, the bluer my eyes look in comparison.

My favourite Multiple is Altai, the middle peach shade which translates very warm against the skin. I've never used a product so rich, but I began my base makeup with this step below, adding it to my temples and cheek hollows before blending with a synthetic brush (before brows, lips, etc might I add!). A cream product layered under powder give it much more staying power and a more even finish, so I ended up adding a matte powder to set this too. I'd definitely say these sticks do not offer a mattified finish, but they do offer a matte colour pay off. Important to note if your skin is oily.

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