Going Red To Blonde: Dying my hair!

Nails of the Week 33: Cornflower Blue

Soft blues and lilacs are right up my street at the moment, especially if they are matte and not quite pastel. I don't know about you but I feel overloaded with pastels already this season! I see so many gorgeous bloggers in head-to-toe pastel outfits usually sent from online brands, but I can't see how this is suitable for day wear; not the public transport, dodgy weather or heavy shopping activities that seem to be what my life is all about! I would not sit on a train seat in baby pink for fear of sitting on a rogue piece of chewing gum, ah the glamour. My life generally consists of work-work-work-work-work-errands-cocktails-errands on a good week so pastels sadly don't get a look-in, unless I brave a light outfit on a night out and literally take a spare black dress in my bag. Bouncers think I am crazy, but I just call that prepared! 

So I'm not digging pastels in my daily life, and plus they don't really suit me so this is probably why. I can get away with a warm lilac and possibly now a few more shades as my hair is lighter, but light shades don't do a lot for me. Nails are a whole other ball game though, and I've been hunting for chalky shades that still pack a punch. Rather than baby blue, I found Maybelline Ceramic Blue in Poundland (holla at my fave shop!) and it's quite grey in the bottle but a bright, sky blue once painted. This is my second wear of the colour this year, and usually I'm a one-time girl where nail colours are concerned.

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