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Nails of the Week 34: Barry M Matte Vanilla

Hi guys! It's Thursday already, woohoo! I'm going off to Sheffield for a really random weekend as my friends and I wanted a night out away from Birmingham - do you have any tips? Then next weekend is Wireless (que heart eyed emojis galore!!!) and then I'm going to Amsterdam for my summer holiday! PHEW!

I'm already finalising my festival outfits so I'll post these this weekend. My only wonder is whether wellies would be needed, or could you get away with sandals if rain is not forecast? I have some ankle height wellies but they are nude leopard print so don't suit everything!

I'm also having that busy time at work I mentioned last week, and we have had a few corporate events recently where I was quite considerate about my nails. I thought an office dress code meant the end of my long talons but I think nails are not an issue. I didn't want a brash colour for the events though, and I'm bored of pastel nails for the moment after a string of candy shades during the past few months. I looks into my collection and found Barry M Vanilla, a rare impulse purchase earlier this year when their matte collection came out. There is no logic in me buying polishes as I get my nails done at the salon, which always has a huge collection of shades. However there never is a shade just quite right for the vibe I have in my mind, and there's often a lot of barbie pinks or reds.

I tried this polish and immediately didn't like it, and so it got lost in my collection. When applied matte, it is almost a bone colour, which looks quite sickly! However, add a shiny top coat and voila, the shades of pink, blush and nude come through! I wanted a deeper brown but I had lent my favourite shade to my nan, so I took this to the salon and am liking it a lot. It really says something when you look at your nails after a few weeks of wear and still are not bored of the colour! I'm hoping I have time to get them redone before Wireless or at least my holiday though. I have a design I really want! Watch this space.

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