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Nails of the Week 34: Barry M Matte Vanilla

#suitupandplay from Missguided

Last week I received a fabulous challenge from Missguided to style up a playsuit for the festival season. I'm not sure of others but when I get an email from a brand I already love and actually buy things from (literally constantly!), I'm over the moon! Like a dream trolley dash, I perused the playsuits and chose the beautiful Rigonda Playsuit. I don't need to go into how much I buy from Missguided as it's one of the sites I check almost daily, have a constant wishlist on the go, and would probaby choose if I could only shop from one place forever more. They're stepping up their game in quality and I'm all for it!

I'm having a moment with necklines as, after placing myself in the Itty Bitty club for most of my life, I'm finally realising the bonuses of having a smaller bust. It might mean I don't fill out anything from Topshop and could never hold up a strapless dress, but I've found I can wear those plunging necklines and teeny bralettes without it being too obscene or having a danger of falling out. I've always had body confidence but I used to not draw attention to my bust, but now I will happily go braless with bralettes and not really think twice about looking tiny-up-top. Rather liberating! So I'm on the hunt for a plunge shirt/top, and I was immediately drawn to the cool straps and low neckline of this playsuit. The soft colour actually lends to the revealing fit as it's not too bright and in-your-face, so you can get away with the cut. Add a floral crown and backpack and I am festival set!

The festival season is fast approaching and I have a holiday booked for mid-July, and then it will be August already! I turn 25 in August so it can come as slow as it likes, but I'm also going off to V Festival so I'll be counting down to that. I shall be packing this playsuit for sure, and will soon be dusting off my co-ords!

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