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The Topshop Stingray

Hi guys! It's hump day and I'm having one of my busiest weeks at work for a long time, so I prepped my room, bag and wardrobe at the weekend. I've had a backpack for a while but found I never wore them properly on both shoulders as it was a fashion-y bag rather than a rucksack, and you can never organise things properly. When your purse or train pass gets lost in a backpack, you are forever rooting around!

I never usually buy excess bags. I have one bag that I love and use until I need another. But my New Look holdall was weighing down my shoulder and swallowing up anything I put in there, and I happened to see the Topshop Stingray bag online and liked it! Hurray! If I ever go shopping for a bag, I never find one. I popped into Topshop after work one day (not before doing an online store check to see if Bullring had them) and found it to be the perfect not-too-big, not-too-small bag. I like the double zip as I'm always wary of being pick-pocketed and keep the zippers close to the side, and you can wear it with the strap on your shoulder or over your elbow like I tend to do. It fits my packed lunch, gym clothes (if I go!) and all the other random items I deem essential, but never take out during the day. 

Right, I need to get my beauty sleep! Hoping it's a sunny weekend approaching. 

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