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Wireless Festival | Birmingham Day Two

Wireless Festival | Birmingham Day One

Hi guys! I'm not exaaactly packed for my holiday tomorrow but I really wanted to share my weekend at Wireless! Day One is brief affair though, as the rain turned to monsoon standards! But I will rewind to Friday morning and whilst consulting my festival moodboard, I decided to go for sensible high waist jeans and a cute Motel crop top. I ended up wearing Motel a lot this weekend! My hair was big and curly, my makeup was boldly contours and tweaked, and I was very ready for whatever was in store. 

Sadly the day was tinged with great upset when Drake cancelled! I felt very bad for the Wireless people as Drake was somehow ill and we were left with no headliner and a lot of unhappy people.  I damn love Drake and loved his tour date here in March (and met him!). This certainly meant it was quite a quiet crowd but as predicted, made of very young and very cool people. I saw a lot of all white outfits, a lot of very expensive trainers, and a lot of heels! Yes, heels!

We walked in to A$AP Ferg who I've seen (and met too!) before, and got our bearings. I loved the layout of the festival, with the main stage like a central hub and then the surrounding buzzing tents and food stalls adding a nice boarder of festival fizz. This blended nicely into Schoolboy Q who was one of those acts that sounded exactly like his records and played my album favourites, oh yeah! I think it was by this point that we were donning macs and sitting under umbrellas, very much regretting wearing now sodden jeans as you can see from the dishevelled photo and my amused fact! Even the DJ laying between each act was speaking from under this black sheet! The rain was pretty insane throughout the day and really started chucking it down constantly for most of the day - eek! My hair was more like a hedge by the end, hence the very few photos of this day. Never fear - many more are to come!

Azealia Banks finally lit that festival fire by blasting out some serious beats, accompanied by a troupe of dancers in matching pink power catsuits. We stopped for some Mexican food and of course a few more drinks, before Labrinth added a warmth to the day from below our umbrellas. He gave that all-singing festival vibe that made us forget the weather, try out a few whirling fun fare rides, and dance alongside an amazing live band for new headliner Rudimental, with a guest hit performance from gorgeous Ella Eyre. We fell a little bit in love with how much Rudimental brought the hype and it was just sounding beautiful. We left feeling pumped for day two and ready for some much needed sunshine - especially as London had been so warm that day!

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