Wireless Festival | Birmingham Day Two
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Wireless Festival | Birmingham Day Three

Hi guys, happy Friday! I have that Friday feeling and I hope you do too! I'm starting this post on my lunch break but will likely add the photos and publish later, which is my usual posting pattern. When I'm on my laptop, I'm usually in bed so it's more difficult to write the reams I usually do!

But lets rewind to the final day of Wireless and I woke up wondering just why I had hit the town the night before, but we were just in such a good mood! We knew a few more people going to the third festival day and it was again an even busier day than before, and seemed to go much quicker. I woke up and had no idea what to wear but I consulted my Wireless moodboard and added a bright Iggy Azealia matte pink lip and some hefty jewellery by my own standards. I'm having a bit of a shorts crisis recently as mine just seem too short, and wanted something that covered me a little more than the short-shorts I would wear at a camping festival. I had pulled out all of my optional outfits before the festival started, and picked out my Topshop bralette which is super sturdy and I've had lots of wear out of for night time, plus a pair of shorts from a Rihanna x River Island co-ord set. The aquatic blues somehow worked together and it was never an outfit I would have imagined in my mind but I liked it! I also wore my Roche Runs again which are so cute and make your feet look teeny tiny - so sweet!

We headed to the festival site and planned to sit back and soak everything in for that day. We were just right on time for Iggy Azalea, who I was seriously excited for out of the whole line up. I just like her songs and her crazy vibes! She had one of those relentless sets that pumps out the tunes non-stop, pow pow pow. She was really loud and clear too so everyone heard every expletive and she played my favourites too! Her dancers were also awesome! Sassy x 1,000,000!

This was followed by Tinie Tempah, who I feel like I have seen before but maybe I haven't. Playing a festival really needs you to bring something different and to interact with a crowd who maybe aren't all fans, so Tinie literally spun the audience into a frenzy and was super energetic. I think he is at V Festival so I'd definitely watch again!

Then we found my sister's friends and Pharrell came out to play a very slick, smooth set that was actually very warm and fuzzy. He brought some of the crowd on stage and even serenaded a girl, giving her life advice on stage. It was very sweet and we had such a great spot so we could see everything, especially when the artist walks to the side of the stage that you are at!

Then the weekend was crowned with a memorable performance from none other than Kanye West, plus that rant about the media. I was just more in awe of him because he was Kim Kardashian's husband! It was dark by this time and the hugely glittering, glowing stage transformed the day's field setting into a huge, monstrous music power house, and everyone knows the words to Kanye songs!

And then it was a wrap - the festival was over! Phew!! When I have holiday from work, usually my thoughts aren't far away, but over the weekend I was totally transported into music heaven and just had the best time ever! Thank you Live Nation! I've never danced so much.

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