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A Weekend in Milan & Vlog!

Milan Inspiration | Night

It's already almost Wednesday and I am going away to Milan on Friday, eek! This has been the most organised I have been for a holiday - not that I have been disorganised before but I started getting things ticked off the to-do list a few weeks ago. For any random ideas like a selfie stick (omg) and getting an extra memory card so maybe I can vlog (ahhh!), I noted them down in my phone and just started crossing things off earlier than usual. These things always come around so quickly and sometimes it does feel like a lot of pressure when you build the anticipation, but I'm just feeling really excited for this trip!

I still do not have my outfits finalised though and will definitely be sorting this tomorrow evening. I definitely have things to wear but I don't know exactly what my outfits are yet, and I can only take 10kg of just hand luggage with me so I can only afford to carry what I will definitely wear. Airports this year also seem to be only allowing one clear sandwich bag of liquids. Have you see the size of that Polly Pocket bag that has to fit all makeup and toiletries, and 100% close?! I've had to chuck away may products recently while a security person looked on as I reasoned over a body lotion VS. a lipgloss. Even a deodorant takes up about a third of that mouse-size bag!

I've pulled together some current inspiration for night time looks from Tumblr. Colleen (a RAD blogger!) commented that I hadn't shared my Tumblr before recently and I realised it's so true, even though literally I'm on Tumblr evvvvery day! My night time laptop routine is emails, twitter, blogs and then Tumblr. I'm back into watching YouTube videos while I'm pottering around too, and if I ever filmed a 'Nighttime Routine', it would be SO boring! Literally just me eating dinner and then sitting on my computer or washing my hair and scrubbing off my makeup. Would my life be better if I made a posh tea in a favourite mug and lit a scented candle? Maybe!! I don't even have a favourite mug, what am I doing with my life.

So basically I spend lots of time on Tumblr to reblog images of things I want to try or buy soon, like a visul shopping/beauty list. Then I'll visit it before nights out or holidays and pin point some things I want to try. When I sit down to do my makeup before going out, I need some direction or I end up adding and adding random products and have to take it off and restart as it goes wrong! I'll often try to copy a look but as I am using my own products, it ends up being a mix of my own style and preferences.

So for the past few days I've been obsessed with a very certain lip colour in my mind, and am going to hunt it down in town before I go away. I need a matte red that's definitely not plum or pink toned and not too vampy, almost like a rosy but pigmented stain? HMM! I'll ask at MAC and then browse around for a dupe maybe. I'm feeling everything matte for this holiday and I just got a new MAC Studio Careblend powder so can make sure my skin is a seamless canvas for a deep, chunky lipstick and lots of lashes and contour. As it's Milan, I'm all about jewel tones and jewel accessories! I'm going to take my most fabulous jewellery, bags and shoes, and really go all out. My last trip to Amsterdam felt very laid back and a bit more hipster, but I'll bring out my best classy/sassy lady vibes for Milan!

Now I just need to figure out what to wear for the day time! I have actually packed away my summer things and I don't think shorts or co-ords are so appropriate for a city. I'll definitely be pulling apart my wardrobe tomorrow!

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