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I've finally got iCloud on my laptop so yes, I have been living in the stone age! But this does mean I can grab photos from my phone easily and share them - sweet! Indeed I don't have much time to be a technical guru, hence why I've never invested in a fancy camera or got all snazzy with my old YouTube channel editing. I'm quite a private person so as internet fame can grow so huge now, I just want to talk to the like-minded gals out there and chat about outfits and being 25! Alas I can never go back to the days when I first started my blog and the blogging world was such a tiny, scattered community, but I did just read a few of my oooold (circa 2008) blog posts and have felt all nostalgic! If only I could rewind back and relive the fun.

Anyhow, random exert aside! I must remember I am now a working woman striving towards the next steps on the career and life ladder (or jungle gym as Sheryl Sandberg would say), and I'm riding a shift from those little party dresses to something a big more sophisticated. Fashion is going this way at the moment anyway, as bandage dresses make way for ankle length pencil skirts (I'm looking at you Kim K - where can I buy one?!), but I'm trying to channel a little more business bitch/classy/sassy into my life. I still feel like I have to make an effort to feel a little more sophis rather than just waking up like that, but does anyone really wake up looking their ultimate?!

This Missguided Berryana skirt caught my eye right away, which wasn't hard as I literally visit that site every day. It's like my lunchtime commencing ritual. I've been mostly wearing midi dresses for nights out this year and pencil skirts would be right up my street if there were more out there in any material but polyester-stretch. I'm also quite full in the hip/bum area so it can be tricky to find one that fits. Don't even get me started on trying to find slim fitting work trousers!

I first bought the nude colour of the skirt and it is truly a gorgeous camel colour. I wore it to a 'casual' night with a friend where we drank many cocktails at a cool bar, ended up at a '90s r'n'b night we vowed not to go to, and ended up at an underground reggae club. I'm not about to now say 'and it was the perfect outfit!' because I dont't think there is a perfect outfit for that varied night, but it was awesome and felt quite nice to be wearing something I deemed quite laid back as it was essentially a plain skirt with a £4 H&M top I bought for the gym! I can see this outfit really isn't laid back but hey, it is slightly!

This week I also ordered the black and the red versions, but the red looked too much like velvet and somehow I don't think black really does a lot for me now my hair is lighter. I almost forgot, I also ordered the matching top to the nude skirt, which has such a gorgeous halter neck shape. I haven't tried the set on together as it may be a little too much of one thing, but the top is lovely in itself and will look fab with high waist jeans. I really have the urge to slash and rip the knees of all of my jeans, eeek!

I also adopted a berry lip that night, which was Rimmel Addiction lip liner - a very brown, rich nude, leaning toward the warm mauve side, and MAC Diva lipstick, which is a deep plum. At one point it smudged everywhere and almost looked like I had cried a tear of lipstick (embarrassing!) but overall it stayed put all night and I rather liked wearing such a bold lipstick and feeling very put together. Gosh sometimes I think I look so different from Saturday mornings running my errands with no makeup on, to the base I throw on for work at 7am, to the truckload of products and colours I carefully apply for evenings out!

Sometimes I think is that me, because I look different in each different mirror?! Is that insane? There are some mirrors in my house that always show things in an unflattering light, but some where things are OK! And then I catch myself in a shop mirror and think, did I think I walked out of the house looking like this?! I think the issue is I only have a small vanity mirror in my room and often step out the house without really seeing myself! So sometimes I don't really know what I look like nowadays - does that make sense? Haha this post is all kinds of random :)

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