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Nails of the Week 36: Barry M Coconut

Another day, another week gone by! I have freed up my weekend so I might do a little window shopping, where I don’t really need anything but may have a payday treat if I see something extra spesh! I am going to Milan for a long weekend on Friday too so please let me know of any recommendations or actually if you have seen any rather nice outfits in the shops right now?! I have a few things I can wear for the nights out, which luckily will be a bit dressier than many European cities we have visited, where no one really wears heels even. A major reason I look forward to nights out is because it’s a chance for me to wear anything I want to, so I’m excited to getting glammed up, despite not finding anything new to pack!

I also might get my nails done this weekend but I’m not sure whether to wait until the morning of my flight or have them a week in advance and tidy them up a little on the day. Pointed nails definitely round off when you type furiously across the day like me and can become uneven.

My latest nails are Barry M coconut; a colour I had my beady eye on for a while and could not feel satisfied without. I find more and more that during the very few chances I have to pop to Superdrug or Boots that the products I am actually after are sold out. What a pain! There’s been a Sleek Matte Lip Cream I’ve been hunting for for around a month! Frustrating to hear ‘our next delivery is xxx’ when you know you have to work all week and can’t get back until another weekend! So I discovered, an absolute nail polish mecca, and their home delivery is totally free so I could order my prize Coconut and also the new Almond Gelly. It's almost the same in the bottle as Matte Vanilla, which I actually added a shiny top coat before! Because polishes are small, they fit through the letterbox too so it’s a fuss-fee way to just get that polish you are after. Plus they have in stock all of the latest colours that just scream autumn. I don't often have dark nails but reds and purples are calling me. Once I have that nail polish itch, I need to scratch it!

I might have a clear section or cool design, like my last heart nails, for my holiday but for this month I opted for a classic full polish of Coconut, which is a creamy off-white - perfect if bright white is too stark and Tipp-Ex-like for you. I also had the urge for something a bit out of the box and got the 100 emoji sign on my thumbs! The guy doing my nails did think I was slightly cray cray again but definitely appreciates something different to do! They look a little bit like I am counting to 200 but those who are emoji fans get the joke! Do you remember the days of my bejeweled nails? I might revisit my nail decal (fit to burst) shoe box and see what I can find for my holiday! 

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