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The Body Shop: Shimmer Waves

Way, way, way back when, I was a youthful 20 year old at university and my makeup matched my face: glowing, plump and, due to 8 hours of lectures a week and a midday part time job, showing off at least eight hours of glorious sleep each night. Nowadays it's more like a midweek grey-ish hue that shows all too well the early morning commutes, office air-conditioning and that midweek mascara that just won't budge. I started to use my makeup to conceal and wake up my features, but forgot that in the past I added a flush of blusher to add some fun to my face! It's no fun putting heavy liner on tired eyes, but blush is actually one item that can flatter at ALL times, especially when worn high on the cheekbones.

I hadn't invested in a blusher for absolutely ages due to a fair few knocking around in my collection, but nothing to get excited about. I've been wearing bronzer and contour for around a year for my daily work face, but totally neglected how a rosy cheek can add warmth without being too girly. I never want to look too doll-like nowadays as I'm in a more corporate environment, but a beautiful highlight can have way more pay off than a heavy lip or eyeshadow at 7am. How have I neglected blush for so long?!

The blush in question is almost a dupe for my favourite and sadly limited edition MAC Redhead MSF, which saw me through my university days. Makeup has took a more neutral, sophisticated turn, but back then it was a glaze of pouty gloss, dark lids and bright cheeks, while Kim K was in her bodycon era and TOWIE was really used for style inspiration. The Body Shop Shimmer Waves in Blush is THE warm, Victoria Secret-esque glow that can never look too princess-y, but creates a warming halo effect for your cheek bones. The kind of product that I would never not use on a daily basis unless I was purposely planning a different particular look. It also layers beautifully, and a main bug bear of mine is patchy blush. I've tried light layers and I've tried blending out a considerable layer, but some products are so darn patchy on me!

And best of all I have the accompanying Face and Body brush and it's the best I have ever tried to avoid this patchy problem. I've invested in many Real Techniques brushes and I find them prickly, whereas this brush feels so silky soft that you actually want to swipe it around your face. I'm going to go back to check out their foundation brushes too as I find the orange Real Techniques one really dense and tough to sweep around, but maybe my foundations are too heavy duty.

When my Benefit Hoola runs out (I've hit pan at the moment!) I'm going to run for Essie Button's favourite Honey Bronzer from them too. Give me a product that works and lasts any day!

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