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Hair Heaven | Lisa Shepherd Salons: Express Color Bar


Hey guys, happy Sunday! My last post was on Monday and I thought I would have chance in the mornings to blog, but I found getting to work earlier just means you generally begin work earlier! I will rethink that one. In the meantime I've recently been coveting my Autumn wardrobe, which I have supplemented with a camel coat from Mango, some new work trousers from Zara, I have stocked up on brown lip liners, and I have touched up my hair. Going back to my almost natural hair colour before the summer after two years of bright, box-dye red was a big deal in the sense the colour was SO different, but not a huge change as it is the colour I was for most of my life. The definition of going 'back to my roots' if you will!

However I wanted to go much more blonde and matte, feeling that I had moved on from my natural ginger but still fancy taking control of my hair and being whichever colour I fancy right now. The blonde highlights I have had for the past few months have let me experiment with different colours and looks, while still being warm toned and golden. It's been fab!

I was so surprised and impressed that the salon I carefully chose after three different consultations, Lisa Shepherd, could miraculously remove all of the layers and layers of dye and at such a fantastic price, that it's been amazing to be free of the red and become a strawberry blonde for so many reasons...

1. Ditching the green roots: When ginger roots grow through, they look like a gungy, swamp green next to dark red! I would do my roots once a month as they grow fast, and add dye to the rest of my hair for a few minutes to keep the red bright, but this meant I burned the top selection of my hair by over-dying, and it became frizzy and damaged.

2. The first rule of red hair dye is not to wash it out with steaming hot water. Luke warm showers are no fun!!

3. Bleached hair means the colour can't wash out, so your colour is there for the long run! I experimented with purple shampoos to keep the colour bright, but I like a warmer tone so did not mind any effects.

4. I can wear a red lip! I found this very hard with red hair and leaned towards vampy shades. Now I am not afraid of those pillar box reds!

5. The more I dyed my hair red, the more the darker colour stuck and the red dye washed out each time. As my hair got darker, my face looked paler! Now my pale completion is not comparable to a grey corpse and is the standard English fair tone, and a light fake tan goes a long way. To think I used to use the dark shade of St. Moriz! Now that seems very extreme.

Over the summer my roots had grown a good four inches, but they blended so well with the colour I had that I postponed dying it again for months until Lisa Shepherd contacted me about their new Express Color Bar. I've referred so many friends to them (and found out some of my friends already went there regularly!) that I was delighted to return and retell how much I love my restored hair, and check out this new speciality.

The bar is a fantastic idea, and there is no doubt these will be popping up everywhere soon. On offer is a selection of speedy 1-hour services from highlights to a root touch-up to an all over gloss boost. The concept is the salon dyes and washed, and then you dry, skipping off back to work or straight on a night out. The drying stations are prepped with an endless supply of luxury hair products, top notch tools and brushes galore, and you can take as long as you like to dry and primp your style. There is no persuasion of a cut, no overpriced advice, just an essential top up to tick over your style until next time, and prices are £15 - £30! 

I had Brighter Lights, described as six highlights for blondes ready for a refresh, but not wanting the regular damage of an all over dying session. My parting was spruced up with perfectly placed highlights at the top layers of my hair, leaving my four-month-roots as a thing of the past. You only see the top of my hair, so it's all I need!  This is such a cost effective way to maintain a salon style and not feel pressured into getting the full whack each time you see your hairdresser. Whenever my hair is salon blow-dried, it ends up straight and wispy, and curls drop out. While I would like these sleek blow-dry skills, it's just not how I wear my hair usually, so it was a dream to dry my hair just how I liked it too.

The salon has different sections with a spacious waiting area, where you can sit with your roots developing and help yourself to any kind of refreshment, and dry your hair at the giant dressing tables, feeling totally relaxed and private. When I went there earlier this year, it felt as equally laid back yet very feminine and fabulous, and again my stylist Chloe was lovely and listens carefully to the results you are hoping for. I won't be hesitating to sample the bar again because it's so purse friendly and suits the girl on the go to a T. Do let me know if you pop in yourself!

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